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Lance’s Story

Lance is NED!! Lance is in the nineth grade.  He enjoys being manager for the DHS football, basketball and track & field teams.  He is all boy alright! He goes back to St. Jude in November 2014 for annual scans.  Please keep him in your prayers. 

August 2008
I am a little boy who has been diagnosed with osteosarcoma. It is a type of bone cancer. I live in New Mexico, but my parents wanted me to have the best treatment in the country so we are here in Memphis, TN at St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. My working diagnosis was made in my home town by my primary care provider. She is a very smart lady who did not waste any time by helping us get referred to St. Jude. My dad who is a New Mexico National Guardsman was stationed in Afghanistan when we found out about my illness. He was able to come home and be with me and my mom. My mom and dad are "tag teaming" with each other to make sure one parent is here with me and that a parent is home with my sister, Lindsey. Once a month we are all together in Memphis.

December 2008
After six rounds of chemo therapy, I had surgery on December 1, 2008 to remove the portion of my leg bone that had the tumor growing inside of it. I have an internal prosthesis and I am currently continuing my chemo treatment to kill any other cancer cells that may be floating around my body. I am going through physical therapy, where I am learning how to walk again.

 February 2009
I am halfway through my protocol!! I am now in the single digits of chemo therapy treatments left (only nine). I continue to work hard at PT and I can now put weight on my leg. I will soon be walking with one crutch and I hope to be walking on my own in a few months.


June 2009
I have only one more chemo treatment left!!  My body is very tired and my counts are all over the place.  Once I recover from the last chemo and have end of treatment scans I will be going back home.  I am walking with only one crutch and many times I can walk without it. 

July 2009
I completed my last round of chemo.  I am waiting for my counts to stabilize before I can go back to New Mexico.

August 2009
We are at home in New Mexico.  I am doing well and it feels so good to be living together under the same roof with my family. 

September - December 2009
I was home schooled with my buddy, Joey.  His mom our dear family freind made it possible so that my body could recover without being exposed to all the normal kid school germs.  My dad and I started playing the guitar since I cannot play sports any more, that's ok, because I can play better than he can.  You do not have to have a ball in your hand to have a good competition.  =) 

January 2010
I returned back to school at Dora!!  I am really enjoying being with all my friends.  I turned 10, I had clear scans and I got a pet. 

I know I have lots of people praying for me and I want to let them know we can feel the prayers.

My mom and dad will be keeping friends and family updated in the Journal section of my web page here at the caringbridge web site.








Latest Journal Update

Heading Home!

Greetings from Memphis,

I am happy to say that Lance is progressing quite well with his recovery. Today after meeting with Lance’s surgeon, he gave us the green light to head home. So after a PT evaluation tomorrow morning we will start our trek home.  I would appreciate your prayers for safe travels over the next couple of days. 

Lance continues to make strides with his walking; however, he been hindered with foot pain. Today he started an additional med and so far it seems to be helping so I am hopeful he will be able to walk longer distances and improve his endurance.  I have a correction to an earlier post, Lance did have to have a small part of his femur (what is left of it) cut to place a new coupling in his femur.  This particular coupling will be used when the time comes to replace his current prosthesis with his permanent one.  While Lance’s bones are still growing his doctor wanted the coupling to get a good set.  And yes, we know that we have one more of these types of surgeries in our future, once Lance stops growing.    

Lance and I are looking forward to seeing Joe and Lindsey in next couple of days. We are blessed to have a great medical team who takes care of us and keeps Lance's needs in the forefront of every decision made for his successful recovery. 

Taking one step at a time,

Lance and Carol

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Jennifer Green
By Jennifer Green
Praying for safety in traveling over the next few days although you may already be home by now as I am reading this a few days after it was posted.
Jennifer Green
c.o.l.e's prayer team
Lois Martin
I am glad you are on your way home. It was great to see you this week and see Lance's difficult physical therapy first hand. He is a real trooper. Love and prayers to Lance, Carol, Lindsey and Joe.
Trish Maguire
By The Maguire Family
Safe travels to you and Lance. Many prayers for your safe return.
Sandy Daron
By Sandy Daron
How FANTASTIC!! Lance is such a rock star!! I pray he will he recover quickly!!

Love ya,
C.O.L.E.s Foundation
(Caring Openly, Loving Eternally)
Joey Flores
By Joey Flores
So glad you guys can go home. Travel safe, we'll be praying