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2 Years later…..

I am not sure if anyone still follows this or not, but just in case I wanted to post about the past year. What a difference a year makes!

Kylie continues to recover in leaps and bounds! The most astonishing thing is that she has been able to return to school! Alyssa attended class with her this past summer and fall, and Ky completed the 2 electives she needed at MSAC. She is now taking her last upper division major class at the University of Texas. The school has been so helpful in getting her re-enrolled and arranging for her to take this class even though she is not actually in Texas. I can't say enough about the wonderful people at UT that have been so supportive and involved in making this happen. Kylie loves the class, and remembers that she was taking it when the accident happened. She even had the books and some notes/papers that she had written when she was in the class 2 years ago! 
The one thing that has remained steady from the very beginning is that Kylie wanted to graduate. It's amazing to think that this is going to happen in May. God is good.

Ky continues to work out almost every day. Her strength, fitness and balance have improved greatly. We ran/walked a couple 5K's last year and will be doing a big one at MSAC in April. Alyssa has the both of them on training schedules so there is no messing around with this one!

Kylie is driving and I must say is a much better driver than she used to be! Her memory has improved significantly, but there will always be deficits in this area. She is learning to work around it and use compensation strategies to manage. It can be very frustrating at times for her, and dealing with this frustration is also something we are working on. She has no memory of the accident or the rehab she has gone through, so now that she is so much better, it is hard for her to believe that this happened to her. She doesn't really understand all that she has been through and how far she has come. She has to rely on what we tell her and the pictures we show her to understand the story, but it really doesn't feel real to her. It is hard for me to comprehend what it must fell like to have no memory of a large part of your life. It doesn't seem like it would be that big of a deal (just start over and reinvent yourself - haha!) until you really start thinking about it - and then you understand how horrible it would be. 

It has been a difficult process watching Kylie gain awareness of her situation and deal with the changes in her life. Her life was taken away and she must rebuild it from scratch. No one should have to endure what Kylie has been through. She is still a stubborn, tough, competitive person and those traits have served to move her forward when many others would have given up. She is also a loving, kind, caring and sweet girl and those traits make it so hard for her mommy to watch her go through this. She has been blessed with the best sisters and best friends who have stood by her and helped in every way imaginable with her recovery. They have put up with a lot at times, and never left her side, responding with unending love, caring and compassion. We too have been blessed with family and friends who continue to love, support and pray for us as we work towards full recovery for our little girl. 

From the very beginning I was told by the doctors/nurses that this process would be a roller coaster. No truer words were ever spoken! We have our good days (or sometimes moments) and we have our bad days (and sometimes moments).  The road ahead is long, but we are honored to be chosen to walk it. And we will continue to Walk By Faith.