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Kylie's Post :)

Written by Kylie:

Thank you everyone who has been involved. This has been one
of the hardest journeys I’ve ever gone through. I’m still struggling with
things today but I’m so thankful I was given another day and I wouldn’t change
that for anything.  Right now one of the
hardest things is my memory. Just thinking things and remembering things is
hard right now but I’ll take that of being given another day. And my family
works great with that because they know I’m having a hard time remembering and
they’re answering all the silly questions I have.

Thank you for anyone who has done things for my family.  I don’t think I could do this without having
them there for me. My family has put up greatly with any craziness I’ve thrown
at them. I’m just so thankful to have another day with them. I would also take
this again if one of my sisters doesn’t have this happen to them. They are
working amazingly at all the silly questions I throw at them and they never
make me feel sad for anything I throw at them.

I’ve been back to Texas since the accident. I was given the
opportunity to speak at the half time of a soccer game for the Bev Kearney
Award. This was such an honor for me. This is just another way for anyone to
thank God. He got me safely back there and safely home.

It's funny now because a lot of people think I should be mad
that this happened, but I’m not. I’m just thankful to be given another day and
thankful that this didn’t happen to one of my sisters. I don’t think I could
have reacted as good as they have helping me.

God is the only one. I’ve never questioned my belief in Him
after having this happen to me.
  He was
the only reason I got another day. I think He gave me another day because I’m
suppose to make a difference in someone’s life.
I wish I could tell you exactly why He gave me another day but I
 That’s the beauty of His power.

What I’m doing right now:

Right now I’m working on getting better. Everyday me and my
sister start at the gym.
  I try to help
my mom with dinner. I’m writing everything now in a journal so I can remember.
Then we see what the day throws at us.

I’m starting to work each week at a family friend's
classroom.  English isn’t the students' first
language and I’m working with them on reading. I’m really excited about this.
It’s awesome to see their abilities improve. I also love it because I spoke Spanish
so I can understand what they think should be the way to say it.  It’s just awesome to help them at a younger
age so when they get older they’ll be great. I’m just so thankful to be given
this opportunity.

One of the best things is that I didn’t have to handle this
crazy year alone. My boyfriend Shane has
been there with me every step of the way. This year would have been so much
harder if I didn’t have him there for me. Shane has gone through all this craziness with me and he’s still there
for me. I don’t think I would try as
hard if he wasn’t there.  He makes these
troubles so much more worth fighting for. So I want to thank Shane for making this all worth fighting for and for putting up with all
this craziness

            Walk  by faith. 
Always and forever walk by faith.