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Kylie's 22nd Birthday!!!!!

"Be strong in the Lord, never give up hope. You're going to do great things, I already know. God has his hand on you, so don't live life in fear, forgive and forget, but don't forget why your here. Take your time and pray. Thank God for each day!"

I am hijacking this site from Alyssa just for today. It is Kylie's 22nd birthday!!! There was a time this past year that I wasn't sure we would see this day. It was only for a few seconds, when we first were told of her accident. From then on, I never doubted, even for one minute that my Kylieboo would be touched by God, our Almighty Healer, fight back, and survive to see many, many more birthdays. Birthdays are always special, but even more so is this one. We will celebrate the miracle of Ky's life and the sweet, awesome person that she is. She brings joy and laughter to all of us everyday. Her determined, fighting spirit is an inspiration to everyone who knows her. God picked Kylie for a very special purpose - He made her life extraordinary. He chose Ky to make a huge difference in this world - she already has. This birthday is extra special and as Kylie says every time she prays, "thank you God for giving me another day". I'm thanking God for blessing our lives with yours. Happy Birthday sweet girl - we love you more than you'll ever know!