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End of Month 6

"For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love, and of a sound mind."
2 Timothy 1:7

It is so hard to believe that 6 months have passed since Kylie's tragic accident! I know the time has gone extremely slowly at times for my family, but then we look at the calendar and say, 'it's almost August?!' Honestly, there were times when I am sure we all thought we are never getting out of this alive... but we have and we continue to fight along with Ky every day! Your prayers and support have not stopped and I don't know how to express how great this persistence has been in our lives.
2 Corinthians 1:11 "You must also help us by prayer, so that many will give thanks on our behalf for the blessing granted us through the prayers of many."

Kylie is physically getting stronger every day because she goes to the gym with me, my dad, and Makenzy every morning! We ride the bike, stretch, and can sometimes get her to do some weights with arms and abs. Our newest hobby is racquetball and she has picked this up very quickly! She loves to beat us, and does most of the time even though we are all playing our best. :) Her balance is improving a little bit each day. Her knee still causes her a lot of pain and she has said that that is something she realizes she is just going to have to live with. It gets stiff every time she sits down for a little while, and she limps often. Pray for the pain to be lessoned and for her muscles around her knee to get stronger.

Her brain is still healing and this process is going to continue to be a long journey. Right now, the specific things to pray for are her short term memory, her mood swings, and her ability to handle situations. There are many times where we go out to run an errand and something unexpected happens at the place, and Kylie doesn't know how to handle it so it turns into a big issue. Pray for her to take a deep breath and relax, and have the ability to successfully navigate through an unforeseen circumstance. Her short term memory is also still struggling. She is remembering more and more (though little in the big scheme) so we really need prayers for her brain to reconnect and have the ability to create new memories every day. She also has very intense reactions to things, and this causes intense mood swings throughout the day. Pray for her to stabilize her emotions and realize when she needs to stop and collect herself before reacting. Pray also for our patience at these times because it is sometimes hard not to take things personal, even though we know it is just the brain injury talking and not Kylie.

We have gone on various outings lately, and she can handle a lot of new activities which is great! We went biking down at the beach last weekend when Kylie's boyfriend's parents, Millie and Paul, were in town. It was a lot of fun and Ky did great being around all those people! The weekend before that, Shane (her boyfriend) was in town and we went down to Long Beach. Shane and her kayaked around the bay, while Makenzy and I paddleboarded alongside them. It was really fun and we all enjoyed the sunshine :)

On the therapy side of things, we have pretty much stopped all therapies, even the people who were coming to our house, because Kylie gets so upset when they are there and pretty much kicks them out. She refuses to participate and says she doesn't need it. So, as you can imagine, this has been pretty stressful for us because we want to help her as much as we can and we are not really sure if we are doing or saying the right things. Please pray that she is still on the road to recovery, despite having no therapies right now, and pray that my family and I are doing the right things for her.

The fall is coming up soon, and Kenzy is leaving to play soccer at the University of Virginia. We are so proud of her! My mom has already started work again and my dad will start next month. Since Kylie pretty much hates everyone she doesn't know that we try and bring here to help her, I have decided to take a year off teaching to help Kylie recover. I will be getting my masters though in the mean time (yay!) and my school I teach at has been amazing at allowing me to 'take a year off' and return next year to teach. I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to do this for my family and for Kylie. So please pray for my patience and guidance in this next year of my life as I try and be there for Ky and as we all get her back to being 100%.

Kylie is really looking forward to the golf tourney tomorrow (yes she remembers it is happening!) and has asked me several times if she could speak to everyone who is coming to thank them and tell them how appreciative she is for their support. :)

Thank you everyone for the continuing support and prayers. I know throughout this process, a lot of lives are being changed and it is amazing to see!