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Kylie’s Story

Kylie Doniak was in critical condition after being hit by a drunk driver on Feb. 3rd in Austin, Texas. She is now in California, where she will continue her rehab process with the support of her family and friends. Please pray that Kylie’s strong spirit helps her overcome this tragic incident. GOD'S GOT THIS!

Donations: If you would like to donate to Kylie, there is an account set up at Wells Fargo Bank. Say this is 'For the Benefit of Kylie Doniak'. The account is #2860066170. Thank you family and friends!

"Come to Me and rest...The way ahead of you is very steep. Slow down and cling tightly to my hand."

Latest Journal Update


From the very beginning, when Kylie first began to talk, she would ask a thousand times a day "did I graduate"??? Our answers varied based on what we thought she could understand and accept. And still she asked. Over and over and over. At that time, there was no way we thought that she would be able to return to school and finish her degree. She couldn't even remember how old she was or what day it was. How was she going to finish school? It was the most important thing to her before the accident. It was the most important thing to her throughout this whole journey.
By God's grace and Kylie's determination, her goal of graduating from the University of Texas will come true on Friday May 16th!! We will all be there to watch her walk that stage and celebrate!! God is so good!!!
"For I know the plans I have for you", declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future". Jeremiah 29:11
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Liz Stimmler
By Tom and Liz Stimmler
You are an amazing woman Kylie! God is Great! and you are AWESOME! Congratulations on your amazing journey!!!!!
Wonderful Achievement Kylie!!! We all so Proud Of YOU!!!

Love always,
Mary La Susa
Shawn Butler
By Shawn Butler
Truly remarkable! It is rare that a family can bond together as yours has and Kylie's diploma is a gift to you all
Kimm Nasser-Fenn
By Kimm
So, so happy for Kylie and for all of you!!! It's been a long road, but your loving family brought you through and the love, faith, and trust you've all shown has been an inspiration to all of us! God is Good!!!
Joni Carruthers
Wow, that's awesome!!! Thank you for the update. Yes, God is good ALL the time!! :). :)
Pete Kelly
By Pete Kelly
Congratulations Kylie!
Kristin Haney
By Kristin Haney (Whitney Jaynes' aunt)
Congratulations, Kylie! It wasn't easy, but YOU DID IT! Everyone is very proud of you. HOOK 'EM!
Laurel Horton
By Laurel Horton
WOOHOOOOO!!!! So proud of you, that was a LOT of hard work, tears, prayers, and determination. We will be thinking of you on Friday as you walk the stage.
Tamie Beeuwsaert
By Tamie Beeuwsaert
Congrats Kylie! So very proud of you!! I'll be thinking of you Friday when you walk onto that stage:). Celebration time.
Jay Baker
By Jay Baker
Congratulations and Hook'em!!