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By Jane Franz — Feb 4, 2014 6:13pm

Dear Ones,

How grateful we were to read about Kylie's progress.  We do keep up on all of your lives through your grandma Ginny and Grandpa Mickey.  However, I/we love hearing from all of you.  Even though we haven't seen you girls in years, other than pictures over at your grandparents home, we feel a close tie to all of you.  Praying as we do for your family keeps us bonded to you, if only through the mighty power of prayer. 

The story of Kylie and her family should be made in to a book or a movie.  It is so motivating and inspirational to see the faith you have and the strength that all of you have been given because of your love for the Lord.  I know there have had to be times when you question, but isn't it nice to know that we're allowed to have those times and be loved anyway. This past Sunday our pastor spoke on having a bucket list.  He said, "Isn't it nice to know that Jesus put us at the top of His bucket list." 

Bob and I wish you all the best of everything that you so well deserve.

Hugs and Love,

Jane and Bob Franz

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