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Kylie’s Story

Kylie Doniak was in critical condition after being hit by a drunk driver on Feb. 3rd in Austin, Texas. She is now in California, where she will continue her rehab process with the support of her family and friends. Please pray that Kylie’s strong spirit helps her overcome this tragic incident. GOD'S GOT THIS!

Donations: If you would like to donate to Kylie, there is an account set up at Wells Fargo Bank. Say this is 'For the Benefit of Kylie Doniak'. The account is #2860066170. Thank you family and friends!

"Come to Me and rest...The way ahead of you is very steep. Slow down and cling tightly to my hand."

Latest Journal Update

3 Years

Three years... Some of the most extreme highs and lows that we could have ever even thought possible. Only one thing was constant through it all- God's love and His plan for us and others that He's touched through us.

Though I am not perfect, my identity as a Christian has been refined these past few years and I have come to realize that God gave us this trial because He knew we would do something with it.. We could have turned our back on Him and cried out 'Why us?!' But we never did. We trusted in the Lord with all our hearts and leaned not on our own understanding. We acknowledged Him in all our ways, and we still have faith every day that He is making our paths straight.

Ky progressed through her accident, a coma, and a long road to recovery, to an amazing job helping kids and people of the community. She is finding bits and pieces of herself each and every day and never fails to make us laugh like she always has. I would say that the glory of the Lord has been evident in this journey. Although we can't see tomorrow, I know the Lord is already there preparing our way for us. We've kept our promise and He's proving how awesome He truly is.

Here's to keeping faith, no matter what lies ahead of the next turn...

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Kevin Keith
By Kevin Keith
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Frank Staton
By Frank & Peggy Staton, Lifetime Texas Exe's
Kylie, we never pass the intersection in Austin that we are not impressed with your family and our God in helping you come back. Remember that you will always be a "Longhorn" in ever sense of the work. May God continue to keep blessing you and using you in the way he has carved out for your life.
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jand franz
By Jane Franz
Dearest Kylie, Alyssa and family,
Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful message with us. The journey you have walked and are walking has certainly been a long and difficult one, but as you say you have never walked it alone. Knowing that our Lord is there with every step you are taking and as you say preparing the way for you. Always ask the Lord to smooth the path for you and take your hand as you walk side by side with Him.
God bless all of you as you continue on this amazing journey. This is a journey that we have all gone on in prayer with you.
Hugs and love,
Bob and Jane Franz
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Cesar De la garza
By Cesar de la garza
Bless you guys!
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Jackie Ernst
By Jackie Ernst
I think of your beautiful family every now and again. I am the IT person who came into your classroom and took over so you could leave. Having raised 2 kids (and still had 2 at home) - I looked into those little eyes and thought - WHAT DO I DO NOW?? It all worked out, I was rescued by someone who knew what to do with little inquiring minds and took a back seat.

As for me, today marks the 4th month of my son's murder. He turned 34 on Oct 2, 2014. At 7:30 AM on October 3rd, he breathed his last, having been stabbed once in the chest. He was pronounced at the same hospital he was born in, LLUMC. The man who held him as he passed said my son had such a peace-filled look on his face. He was OK with leaving this earth.

I too, have never questioned my Father. Doesn't mean I don't cry buckets of tears, but I know He holds me tightly and He holds my tears. And because my son was saved, I know I will see him again, fully restored. I truly do not understand, but I truly have a faith that is stronger because of this situation.

I am glad for your precious family and I wish all the best that the Lord has to give this side of eternity.

Love forever in Christ Jesus,
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Karen Richardson-Nutt
By Karen Richardson-Nutt
We never know the reason for such tragedies, but when God calls us to be faithful, we answer that call. You have been a true blessing to others, and I continue to pray for you Kylie, and ask for God's blessings on you and your family always. Keep the faith, and God will guide. God bless you all!
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Devon Larsen
By The Larsen's
Amazing family!
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Wuthipong Tantaksinanukij
By Tank & Lisa — last edited
We met your parents that morning at LAX after 24hrs of traveling back from Thailand. That's when our paths crossed, not by chance. Because God put us there at that point in time. We would continue to visit Kylie during her most difficult time, yet we have never "met" Kylie. We continue to keep her and your family in our thoughts and prayers. We are all here for a purpose and one day we will be rewarded. Much love. The Peacekeepers. -Isaiah 6:8
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elizabeth hunter
By elizabeth hunter
love the Hunters
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Chuck Johnson
By Chuck Johnson
Our family has never met you, but have been following your story from Austin for three years, after reading about you in the paper. We have prayed for you many times and are so happy that you allowed God to help guide you through this horrible ordeal. Many blessings to you in the future!
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