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  • Written Aug 6, 2010 11:58am

    Hi everyone.  I have been having a difficult time trying to get this site to save the journal entry the last few days, so lets give this one a whirl!  Kylie's surgery went well and the plates came out just fine.  Her recovery went different then what we had hoped so it ended up to be a long day for our little girl.. (Thank you to nurse Miranda who was there to help out so greatly!) After they brought Kylie to recovery we had to stay there a few hours.. Little punkin just had a little trouble with a few different things.  Her body temp only was up to 96 something, so that took a couple hours to get back to normal.  Next was pain control and so we were trying to get her comfortable so blood pressure and heart rate would go back to normal.  Lastly, the thing that took the longest was that she had trouble getting off the oxygen because her sats would drop right away. Thanks to a wonderful nurse named Courtney who just made a long day so much easier on us..  I knew Kylie would come out of it and surely she did. 
          Now shes just resting and trying to heal at home.  She's such a trooper like a said and takes it all in stride.  You know she's gotta be hurting and I don't think many of us could handle stuff like that.  I know I would be so scared.  My Grandmother, who sadly passed away this last May used to say this many times- "Kylie Christine is stronger then we will all ever know.."  Those words so true and are stronger now then ever!  Kylie now has some amazing guardian angels holding her! 
         We don't have to see Dr. England now for 6 months.  We have another appointment in St. Paul at Gillette with Dr. Ward just to check on things like her muscle tone, and how comfortable she is, little things to make her life easier. She is the doctor who does her botox and phenol injections.  
    Thanks for checkin in!

    Love always,
    Matt Elise Kylie and Bria 

  • Written Aug 3, 2010 11:56am

    Hi everyone.. Its been a long time since I last updated!  Kylie is at Gillette hospital today having surgery to remove both plates in her legs that were placed last year.  We are hoping this will give her more comfort as the doc said they will start to cause some pain.  Kylie had a rougher month of July with being sick a lot.  It seems like when we take her in public she somehow manages to get sick!  Please pray August will bring our little girl good health!!  Being stuck in the house on oxygen is not how I want her to spend the rest of the summer..  We have also had some little scary spells with Kylie and her breathing.  The nurses had some blue spells  (and thank GOD for our nurses) :)  Matthew and I did our first emergency trach change on Saturday and it really put into perspective how fast and scary things can become..  
        Thank you all for your prayers and please pray for a fast recovery and good pain control!  I wish I could snap my fingers and take this all away.  I wish I could be as strong as she is! 
      I forgot to mention that Kylie just loves her little sister and thinks she is quite funny with all the trouble she likes to get into now :)  Bria is 9 months, where did the time go??  Hope you all are enjoying your summer.. Life is such a gift..

  • Written Mar 15, 2010 6:13am

    Good morning.  I hope you all had a great weekend.  Kylie is pretty much getting back to normal now.  It took her awhile, she was pretty tired.  Now her days are back to being filled with smiles playing and laughter so that makes us happy.  Kylie had her second haircut yesterday.  She needed it, oh boy did she ever have long hair.  Now I'm sad because its short!

    Next month we have a appointment in St Cloud with her eye doctor just to check on her vision and see if we can find anymore out about her line of sight.  We will also be going to Gillette.  We need to see Dr. Engand for her hips, Dr. Ward for injections and we need to get a stander for her.  That is our homework for the next month and a half. 

    There's really not too much thats new.  Just enjoying everyday with our girls.  Bria is almost 5 months now, I just can't believe it!!  We are so lucky to have such beautiful amazing girls.. Watching the two of them grow and learn in different ways just takes my breath away.  I thank God EVERYDAY for our two little angels.  Being a parent is the best thing in the world and I think the most important job.  I hope you all have a great week and I will update if anything new comes up.  Take care and God bless,
    Love always,
    Matt Elise and Kylie

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