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As most of you know Wednesday morning Kyle and a coworker were hit by a train while protecting Grand Forks from mosquitoes. Kyle would tell the story with a most funny, exaggerated version...I will tell it with just the facts! We will get his version later! At about 8:30 yesterday, August 21, Kyle and Jonathon were out just west of the Industrial park, when they crossed a railroad track. Unknown to both of them, there was a train on the tracks  and although whistles were blown, neither of them heard the noise and proceeded to cross. From there it is a bit sketchy..we don't really who was driving, however both both boys were found still strapped in the vehicle according to first responders. Both boys were rushed to Altru, where life-saving triage began immediately.  Kyle had to have surgery for internal bleeding and a head injury. He also has a collapsed lung and bruised vertebrae and ribs.  His ocular socket is broken on the right eye. Please pray for Kyle ! I will update as time and circumstances allow!

Addendum: After much discussion with police and first responders, as well as Les and Scott's visit to the accident site, it appears that Kyle was driving.  Circumstances such as morning sun, trees that partially obscure tracks in the area,  the noise of the Kubota and the fact that ear protection may have been used as per procedure through mosquito control, may all have contributed to this accident.

Latest Journal Update

Monday, November 23rd

We are back from an insightful weekend at QLI in Omaha. Getting there was a little difficult as we ran straight into a major snow storm in South Dakota.  SD was suppose to have just "a light snowfall..1-3 inches", but ended up with 14-17 inches after the storm blew east.  It was a real nail-biter folks and I don't want to drive through anything like that again!!
We had a chance to talk with many of Kyle's therapists and caregivers.  He is doing amazing, and with that comes some good and bad!!  The good is that we saw significant changes in his abilities.  He has more endurance when walking and that has been proven by his fitbit that he wears daily.  He barely got to 750 steps when he was here in GF, but is now regularly posting 7500 or greater.  He talks and walks at the same time which is an improvement.  No more stopping to think as he processes his replies to questions.  Speaking of too has improved.  They have him over enunciating and although Kyle feels that is somewhat artificial, it does improve intelligibility.
Now for the bad news...since he is doing so well, they feel he will be ready for discharge by December 18th.  Kyle is adamant that he needs to stay longer.  He says, "Why do places discharge me when I am making such great progress?"  While I understand and share his frustration, I also know he needs to practice what he has learned and truly become the independent person QLI has trained him to be!!  He continues to advocate for additional time, but I suspect there will be a trip down to Omaha in December to pick him up.  Part of why he feels he needs more time is that he feels connected and valued at QLI.  He is in his prime socially and is a bit scared about how to bring all that home with him.  Les and I don't have the answers and want him to be just as socially embraced here in GF as he is at QLI. to do that???
We had the chance to meet a remarkable ND young lady, who is in the same house as Kyle at QLI.  She had a horrific accident in Bismarck around the end of June.  She was the sole survivor when a drunk driver hit the car going the wrong way on the Bismarck expressway.  What tenacity she has and she reminds me of Kyle when he first moved to Courage Kenny.  Although he was still wheelchair bound then, he quickly progress and ended up walking out with a walker on the day of discharge.  She will be walking too...She does so now with the help of her caregivers and a gait belt to aid her.  We also had the pleasure of meeting her dad, aunt and cousin yesterday.  She has the family support to be so successful!!  Fight on Shayna!!
All-in-all our trip to Omaha was insightful, wonderfully rewarding and a valued chance to have family time with Kyle.  We again found a wonderful place to eat in Omaha.  A little family owned, hole-in-the-wall pizza place called Mancia's.  Best pizza I have had in decades!!  Time to sign off..will share more in later posts!
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Daryl & Yvonne Halvorson
Happy Thanksgiving!!! We continue to keep you in our prayers and know that the right things will fall into place for Kyle! I remember hearing about that terrible accident--oh the motivation to move forward through tough times! Kyle, your "can do" attitude and your "outstanding people skills" will take your far--just be patient and keep on working!!
Doug Langer
This is great news! I will give thanks for this improvement and hope for all of Kyle's goals to be realized.
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Mike Brue
By Mike Brue -- NDAD
Continuing to root for Kyle and all of the family. Glad he continues to show his comeback is hardly finished; that's a remarkable statement about him and about his family. Thanks for sharing the info about Shayna; I'll keep her all of you in my thoughts, particularly this Thanksgiving week.
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Dottie Nelson
By Dottie Nelson
Way to go Kyle! We are so proud of you.
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