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Kyle’s Story

As most of you know Wednesday morning Kyle and a coworker were hit by a train while protecting Grand Forks from mosquitoes. Kyle would tell the story with a most funny, exaggerated version...I will tell it with just the facts! We will get his version later! At about 8:30 yesterday, August 21, Kyle and Jonathon were out just west of the Industrial park, when they crossed a railroad track. Unknown to both of them, there was a train on the tracks  and although whistles were blown, neither of them heard the noise and proceeded to cross. From there it is a bit sketchy..we don't really who was driving, however both both boys were found still strapped in the vehicle according to first responders. Both boys were rushed to Altru, where life-saving triage began immediately.  Kyle had to have surgery for internal bleeding and a head injury. He also has a collapsed lung and bruised vertebrae and ribs.  His ocular socket is broken on the right eye. Please pray for Kyle ! I will update as time and circumstances allow!

Addendum: After much discussion with police and first responders, as well as Les and Scott's visit to the accident site, it appears that Kyle was driving.  Circumstances such as morning sun, trees that partially obscure tracks in the area,  the noise of the Kubota and the fact that ear protection may have been used as per procedure through mosquito control, may all have contributed to this accident.

Latest Journal Update

Wednesday, October 29th

The week has flown by and Kyle has continued to work really hard.  He is doing some fun things in speech.  Along with his speech  goals Ali and he are working on executive function/cognitive activities.  Tonight we did homework that looked at classifying items by group, function, parts, associations and
location usually found.  Of course, he whizzed right through it, so we practiced a few more orally.  More and more his dad and I are thinking his executive thinking skills are improving dramatically.  
After speech, he came home and, for once, ate lunch at home.  His next stop was Literacy group where the plot of the Westing Game is beginning to pick up.  The residents of Sunset Terrace are a little jumpy after 3 bombs have exploded.  Two characters are in the hospital from different explosions! They are all getting suspicious of each other and that is exactly what Sam Westing wanted.  Kyle and I don't have a clue who killed Sam Westing or how these teams of people are going to find the murderer and claim the $200 million dollars??  Stay tuned for more drama as we read further!!  Kyle got home about 4:45 and guess what he did next???  Yes, you're right...took a nap.  He's so predictable!! :)
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Deb Johnson
By Deb Johnson
Hi Debbie, Kyle and I would love to stop by. Lets us know when it would be convenient!
Debbie Swanson
By Debbie Swanson
Hi Kyle, Everyone at public health is wishing you continued recovery. We hope you can fit it in your busy schedule to stop by some time!