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Kyle’s Story

As most of you know Wednesday morning Kyle and a coworker were hit by a train while protecting Grand Forks from mosquitoes. Kyle would tell the story with a most funny, exaggerated version...I will tell it with just the facts! We will get his version later! At about 8:30 yesterday, August 21, Kyle and Jonathon were out just west of the Industrial park, when they crossed a railroad track. Unknown to both of them, there was a train on the tracks  and although whistles were blown, neither of them heard the noise and proceeded to cross. From there it is a bit sketchy..we don't really who was driving, however both both boys were found still strapped in the vehicle according to first responders. Both boys were rushed to Altru, where life-saving triage began immediately.  Kyle had to have surgery for internal bleeding and a head injury. He also has a collapsed lung and bruised vertebrae and ribs.  His ocular socket is broken on the right eye. Please pray for Kyle ! I will update as time and circumstances allow!

Addendum: After much discussion with police and first responders, as well as Les and Scott's visit to the accident site, it appears that Kyle was driving.  Circumstances such as morning sun, trees that partially obscure tracks in the area,  the noise of the Kubota and the fact that ear protection may have been used as per procedure through mosquito control, may all have contributed to this accident.

Latest Journal Update

Thursday, December 18th

Today was Kyle's fourth workout day of the week.  He has taken the WSI challenge to go to Rehab and workout at least 3 times per week as a reality.  He knows that about the time he does not workout 3 times per week, WSI will pull the plug on paying for rehab services.  He is getting into quite a routine and his companions help him by writing down his stats as he exercises.  H is a bit bored when he comes home, but today at 3:00 Emily came over and they did music therapy.  Emily is quite pleased with his progress as he is now picking up rhythm and is using that quite efficiently to set his walking pace.  She has challenged him using his right foot and hand to use a cabasa or to beat out a pattern on a drum or tambourine.  Kyle has missed Emily and truly loves the time they get to make music and advance his goals both motorically and cognitively.  The boy can almost sing on key now and we owe that all to Emily.  Emily brought over a plate of delicious Christmas treats for our eating enjoyment.  Let me tell you...I have tasted her toffee and it is phenomenal.  I had figured that maybe this Christmas I wouldn't put on as much weight as I have in previous years...so much for that goal, but the family will truly enjoy having some baked goods to celebrate the season.  What is Christmas without a sugar high!!!???  Thanks Emily and all the other "elves" who supplied us with confections!