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Kristin’s Story

Jed and I have been through quite a struggle while trying to conceive.  We moved onto fertility treatments, namely In Vitro Fertilization.  We ended up completing 3 fresh and 1 frozen IVF cycles - all which failed.  Our dream came true in April of 2011 when we did one more fresh IVF cycle and I became pregnant. My beta was low at 66, but it was positive.  My beta number continued to double and we were head over heals that we were going to welcome another one into our family. 

Things were routine and super easy until about 12 weeks when I had a level II ultrasound and they found low fluid levels.  I went back at 14 weeks and fluid was still low, so I was scheduled for another level II ultrasound at the perinatal center at 18 weeks.

My 18 week level II ultrasound found that my fluid was now in the average range- Yay!!  And we found out that we will be seeing pink in the future- IT'S A GIRL!!  However, they also found something else.  The specialist called it velamentous cord insertion.  This is a rare thing, only happening in about 1% of all singleton pregnancies.  Basicially, when her cord formed, instead of inserting into the placenta, it inserted into the membrane.

This comes with many more doctor visits and can come with complications.  The cord isn't  protected like it would be if it were connected directly to the placenta, so rupture of the cord is a major concern.  Also, her growth will be monitored very closely.  Since the cord is how she gets nutrients and many other imprortant things, they need to make sure she continues to get what she needs.  I will not be able to go into labor with contractions, since they could cause the cord to rupture.  Therefore, we will be scheduling a c-section around 35-36 weeks.

I figured this is the best way to keep everyone updated on her progress and health (texting all this can be a lot!)  We will take everything one day at a time.  Thoughts and prayers are always welcome!  Since stats say that up to 33% of these cases end in miscarriage by 16 weeks and I am now 19 weeks, I know she is a fighter.  We will make it through this .