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  • Not goodbye but see ya later

    Written May 19, 2012 2:45am

    I know I have neglected this blog for a while- really consider it a good thing.  It means that we have found our routine, Gabbi is striving and we are complete in our family.  Right now Gabbi is doing great- she is right about 7 months old and doing something different all the time.  She has a grin from ear to ear that just lightens up a room.  And as long as you are paying attention to her and talking to her, she is a happy baby. When you aren't directly talking to her- she is mad and she will let you know.  I always say she making up for all that time in the NICU when she was tucked away so much that she didn't get all the attention she deserved. 

    Gab is still little- still kinda swims in 0-3 month clothes.  She is right around 10lbs right now.  She does get speech therapy that helps her with feeding- we are currently just starting cereal with spoon feeding.  And she gets physical therapy on her legs, just to help stretch out the muscles.  Her leg muscles are a little tight- also very normal for preemies- and just need some extra attention right now.

    Other than that we are just a normal family.  For the first time in my life, I am content, no, I am happy.  I don't have what if's or I wish's left in me.  I have my son and my daughter and they are both happy, healthy and secure- what more can a person ask for??  My kids are everything- they are both complete miracles that came after a long hard road.  After multiple failed IVF cycles I was hurt, mad and lost all faith in the world.  Then Gaige came and  changed my life.  He created a love that I never thought was possible. And I really thought that was it.  But there was a burning inside me for another child.  I would have adopted again if given the option, however, I just longed to be pregnant- to see that second line on the test, to feel a baby kick, to grow a life.  Gabbi was a miracle.  She was able to be created, attach and grow when so many others were unable to.  Amazing. She is my fighter.  Then not only did she have struggles early on, but she was forced into this world months before her time. And you know what, I have an absolute PERFECT baby today.  I am so very lucky to  have the title of mom to two perfect children. 

    So for all of you that have followed our journey- thank you.  Thank  you for walking with us even when the path was dark.  And thank you for celebrating with us now.  I have had so much faith restored in mankind through this journey.  We have had so much support and love shown by so many of our friends and family. 

    So here is where this blog ends.  I don't think of it as a goodbye, but just a see ya later :) Thank you to all! Love always- Krisitn, Jed, Gaige and Gabbi.

  • Less eating, more sleeping

    Written Mar 6, 2012 1:30am

    These past couple of days Gabbi has been sleeping a lot.  This is being coupled by her not wanting to eat and when we wake her up to do just that, she will cry through the feed- then only eat about half.  With an "average" baby, I wouldn't think twice. But with her I am always on pins and needles.  So I called the high risk group at Children's and they wanted her seen by her pediatrician.  So Jed picked her up and took her to the appointment.  Turns out they couldn't find anything wrong with her.  We just have to check her temp often and look for behavior changes.  And just to show off tonight, she took 2 bottles in 2 hours.  I am starting to think she just likes going to the doctor.....

  • Chuggin right along

    Written Mar 3, 2012 12:21pm

    Gabbi is doing amazing.  We have had a trying couple of weeks with feeding but I think we have found a happy medium and Gabbi can start gaining weight again.  We took her off the NeoSure and she was on straight breast milk (which is when she started taking full bottles).  We tried just breast milk for a week and a half, and although it greatly helped her feeds, she just wasn't putting on the weight.  Right now they still want to see her gain 1oz a day- and on just bm she was gaining 2oz/week = not enough.  So last week we tried to add Similac Sensitive to the breast milk and she took it just fine!  And after being on it for a week, she had gained 5oz; not exactly what they want, but def going in the right direction.

    The neonatologist was very happy with her progress and even said she can't believe this is the same baby that was in here with a feeding tube, barely taking anything by bottle only a month ago.  She is up to 8lb 1oz- I finally have an 8 lb baby!  They are still measuring her on the preemie chart because she is completely off the "regular" chart. And even being on the preemie chart, she is still only in the 3rd percentile.  Hearing this really puts her size more into perspective.  When your baby starts out at 1 pound, when they become 8 pounds you think they are huge!  Her herniated belly button is starting to close- so hopefully no surgery is needed.  She did note that Gabbi needs physical therapy on her legs and hips.  They are extremely tight and has limited range of motion in them right now.  So we were shown some exercises to do until we can get our physical therapy evaluation set up and have services started. 

    First Steps came out to evaluate Gabbi.  They were very impressed with her development and felt that Jed and I were working with her enough in the area of developmental therapy that although she qualifies for developmental therapy, that would be on the back burner.  She will be receiving speech therapy to continue to help her strengthen her mouth muscles and really solidify eating.  And then she will be receiving physical therapy after the evaluation. 

    Other than that, we are just enjoying her to the fullest.  She wants to be talked to constantly, and will let you know when you aren't paying attention to her.  And if you are really lucky, you will get a smile out of her :)  I still look at her in awe; knowing where we started; feeling the sense that we could lose her at any time- never being "in the clear".  Then seeing her now- interacting with us, watching her mobile, following Gaige's movements with her eyes.  It is perfection.

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