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  • Thank you for your prayers!!

    Written Jun 24, 2011 12:17am

    Kristina's surgery went well.  Post surgery and throughout the first day, she did have pain, but at this time, her neck is more sore, than painful.  She said that the surgery and recovery have been a better experience than the previous surgeries.  She is so thankful for your prayers; I never hear her take anyone's love/prayers/devotion for granted.  Though things are going well, it will continue to be quite a road of recovery, so please continue to keep her, along with her entire family, in your prayers. 


    Beth (Fosness) Akonu

  • IVC Removal Surgery

    Written Jun 20, 2011 3:06am

    Dear Friends and Family,

    Kristina has been improving, but still needs a lot of prayer.  She is getting out of the house a bit more, and stays active with her physical therapy sessions.  She is able to keep herself straighter, and is walking a bit more on her own, and even getting out of bed with less help.  She is able to move her hand and fingers some, but it is still a journey of time and healing ahead, and we ask that you continue to pray, as prayer is our strength through ALL of this. 

    We are very thankful for all of the people that have been such a blessing over the months, since the accident.  So many people have gone out of their way, and shown true love through cards, letters, meals, love to the kids, play dates, donations, financial gifts, transportation, prayer, encouragement, cleaning, and SO much more.  I am sure that there are hundreds of thank you notes, yet to be done, but please know that nothing...not even the smallest blessing, goes unnoticed.  

    Kris is having surgery this morning, for the removal of her IVC filter.  An inferior vena cava filter, also IVC filter or Greenfield Filter, a type of vascular filter, is a medical device that is implanted by interventional radiologists or vascular surgeons into the inferior vena cava to prevent fatal pulmonary emboli (blood clots).  In her case, her filter was placed shortly after the accident.  They did not want to have her on blood thinners, for many reasons, so they used the filter as a 'safety net', in case there were any traveling blood clots.  They were going to remove the filter at an earlier time, but it did not work out, so the plan is to remove it, this morning. 

    As always, surgery is very hard on the body, and infection is always a risk.  Please pray for guidance of the doctor's hands, removal as planned, peace and rest for Kristina, peace for James and the kids, strength all around, and absence of infection throughout. 

    We continue to say that God is good.  Though it is hard to wait for time to heal, there are MANY things we praise God for.  Thank you for your support and prayers, and please continue to pray for Kris and her family...it is a necessity for her strength and healing, and is greatly appreciated.

    ~Beth (Fosness) Akonu


  • Written Mar 27, 2011 4:06pm

    I want to say "Thank-you" for your prayers!  God is healing me. I have been sleeping well at night and most of all day too. I am able to walk on my own now, pain is more bearable, and am eating well again. The kids are doing great now because of people's kindness & surgery being done. 

    We really appreciate all the encouraging cards, verses & notes, support for the costs, cooking or buying meals, visits at the hosp. & home, fundraising efforts, kindness toward & caring for the kids, listening to us, and holding our family up!  We feel loved and supported through this really hard surgery. We pray God's blessings on all of you.  ~Kris

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