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KK video!

Please, please take 4 minutes and check out this beautiful little film produced by the Duluth PBS station...  it captures mom's spirit to a T and you will get to see, hear and feel her again.  :  )
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Deidra Gustavson
By Deidra Gustavson Plymouth MN
I am a dear friend of Delia Bujold. I didn't know Kristi, but after hearing Delia's stories and watching your extraordinary video, I truly wish I had. What an example she is to a of us. And what a loss.
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Peggy Thompson
By Peggy Thompson
So grateful that we got to spend time last August with this beautiful soul while visiting Jean & Oz and that we can forever treasure one of her pots. Those of you who she loved are truly blessed. Thanks for sharing the video
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Mary Ofjord
By Mary Ofjord
How beautifully done. It brought back memories and it was wonderful to see her again. I love you and miss you my dear friend.
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