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StarTribune feature tomorrow!

Yay! The StarTribune has written a "feature" obituary story on Kristi that will run in tomorrow's paper (biggest circulation of the week  :  ). Kirk had contacted the department and suggested that her life be highlighted and they agreed...


I was interviewed the other day briefly and wasn't given a chance to review the article so there are a few points that aren't exactly accurate and it isn't exactly how I would tell the tale, but we are thrilled that mom's story will reach a broader audience.  Check it out!

p.s.  thanks to photographer extraordinaire Layne Kennedy for this beautiful image which captures mom's colorful character and life...


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cat thompson
By Cat Thompson
What a beautiful tribute! I am so sorry I never met her or got to see her in action. I look forward to visiting one of her pots soon. Blessings!
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Peggy Thompson
By Peggy Thompson
Glad they realized what an exquisite gift she was to your community & the world.
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