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By Lawrence Downing — Dec 11, 2013 1:33pm

Ann and I are sorry that present circumstances made it too difficult for us to be with you at any point today.  Please know that we are there in spirit, and share your sadness as well as a deep sense of loss with Kristi’s passing.

Surely,it comes as no secret that both Kristi and I have always been exceedingly proud of our two children.  Equally obvious has been our pride in our grandchildren.  But our pride has also extended to their spouses and all of the children and grandchildren that surround them in their extended families.

For me, that pride has been reinforced by the intelligent, determined, caring,sensitive, and compassionate ways in which Kyia and Chris have responded to the very rapid onset of their mother’s ultimately fatal illness, sought the appropriate medical care, and ultimately - with great compassion, assisted her to be able to gently and gracefully pass from this life. 

Just as physical traits are passed through DNA down to our subsequent generations, I believe Kristi’s spirit, unconditional love, and compassion as a mother and as a friend has been passed down to her children, grandchildren, and of those who were blessed to be a part of her extended family and friends – and through them will be passed on to future generations.

I also believe, supported by emotional comments by the Mayo physician who is tasked to provide and assure palliative care and hospice-like services at St.Mary’s Hospital, that the family working in response to Kristi’s spirit and wishes has perhaps permanently altered his and the hospital’s view of what is possible in the way of an appropriate easing of the transition from life when that becomes inevitable.  

It occurred to me in the middle of the night last night, that Kristi always enjoyed the annual Crossing Borders event and welcomed the assistance of family and friends during that trying period.  I have no doubt that she shares with me great appreciation for the assistance of her dear family in making this her ultimate Crossing Borders experience.

With love for you all, and appreciation for all that each of you brought to her life,


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