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By jennifer trowbridge — Dec 10, 2013 4:27pm
It may seem odd to include a picture of myself on this site, but it was the best way I could think of to convey who my Aunt Kristi was. You see, I was always the kid who got it slightly wrong, I was a bit clumsy, my hair was a bit fuzzy and wonky, I snorted when I laughed, and though I like sports- I had to accept that I had to find the fun without necessarily being very good. Hands up everyone!! (guess which one I am in the picture). My Aunt Kristi though, despite all this, always made me feel like the beautiful, smart, special one...and so loved. The thing is though, this is how she made everyone feel, not just me, and not because she was somehow scheming to boost the self esteem of the entire population, but because she truly saw what was beautiful and special in everyone, and somehow- don't ask me how- like the loaves and the fishes-she had an infinite amount of love to give, which seemed to increase rather than deplete. I am so thankful and very lucky to have gotten to spend time with her, evenings full of cooking wonderful food, laughter, pottery, crosswords, and best of all just long conversations about life. I am so happy that she died surrounded by those she loved, in peace, after having lived such a beautiful, laughter filled, inspiring life that touched so many. I know she isn't really gone, but is in the next phase of whatever all of this is, but selfishly, I will miss her so very much and would give anything for another evening in her company. I love you Kristi. 
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