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My Story

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Monday 11/13/06 3:35 PM

Grandma here to tell you Krista is doing good today. Five hours on the breathing test today (4 yesterday) and it went well. We are beginning to see the Krista that wants to be well and get out of here; her bed is getting uncomfortable, the pillows in the wrong places or need to just be turned over, a wet wash cloth for her forhead, and even her feet, etc.. I think she enjoys keeping her dad on the jump. Ha! We love every minute of it!! She will be glad to have her mother back tomorrow morning (she gets in late tonight). Kathy will give you a better up date tomorrow.

Love and Prayers to all.


Shelley Messing signed Krista's Guestbook.

12/4/06 Hi to you all - Just thinking about you all today and wondering how you are doing? Congratulations on your graduation Krista :) Mike and I will try to give ... Read more

Helen Schanz signed Krista's Guestbook.

Monday December 4, 2006 Good Morning Krista, Do you get to sleep in now that you aren't in the hospital? It always was a puzzle to me why people said, "rest while ... Read more

Kimberly Idone signed Krista's Guestbook.

Hey Krista, I see Cassie found ya! She asked what was goin on, and I tried to explain .. so I sent her here. Anyway, I see you're doing better. That's great! Now chances ... Read more

Keela Kelly signed Krista's Guestbook.

Krista my dear, It was so good to hear your voice today when we talked (mostly me talking as you tire so fast). I am going to pray really hard the next few weeks for you ... Read more

Brian Messing signed Krista's Guestbook.

Dear Krista, You've made it to the next step. Keep climbing. You are truly an inspiration to me. You are greatly loved. Grace to you. Love, Uncle Brian Read more

Shayla Lewis signed Krista's Guestbook.

Krista, I am so excited to hear that you are getting released from the hospital today. I know its been a long journey so far but you have made such progress. Not too ... Read more

kathy messing posted a new journal entry.

Saturday December 2, 2006A little update this morning as things changed yesterday right after Kathy updated. Krista is leaving the hospital this afternoon!!!!!!! She will ... Read more

Tennia Schanz signed Krista's Guestbook.

Krista, Just thought I would say hello. Sounds like you are doing better each and every day. Keep up the improvement every day. Love you lots. Tennia and family Read more

celeste messing signed Krista's Guestbook.

hey krista, how's it going? I hope you are doing better it sure does sound like it. well gosh i am finding that I don't know what to say that hasn't already been said you ... Read more

Tracy Sisterman signed Krista's Guestbook.

Good afternoon Krista and Family, It sounds like you are making great strides in your recovery, but then I new you could, your a tough young lady. I commend your parents, ... Read more

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