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Mi historia

Hi. I've started this website as a way to update people and express my feelings and experiences throughout this process.
In Feb. 2011 I was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer) in my liver. It is currently inoperable, and I have been trying to come to terms with that fact.
I'm going to try to keep this website updated with everything that's going on. Hopefully I'll be able to keep it current.


Kris Jacobson posted a new journal entry, "My vaca cancelled".

I can't go to Alabama with everyone... Mom has shingles and the onc this weekend said I cannot be near her for 2 weeks. That means her house, too! KC's are there, and I'm ... Lea más

Nancy Faymon signed Kris's Guestbook.

This may get posted twice .. ??  So sorry to hear of your cancelled vacation .. and hoping Laurie has a mild case as shingles can be brutal.  May you get with the family ... Lea más

Kris Jacobson posted a new journal entry, "Long overdue update".

Time for a long overdue update. I can't believe I haven't updated this since April!Firstly, I got the results from the genomic testing. I have 3 mutations in the cancerous ... Lea más

Kris Jacobson posted a new journal entry, "Still waiting for genomic testing".

It seems the genomic testing company doesn't understand Medicare! :)My onc says they contacted HER about my insurance. Hopefully we have it straightened out, so the ... Lea más

Kris Jacobson posted a new journal entry, "April snow".

After the winter we had, it would have been nice to not have our April snow. At least around here it didn't stick! Let's hope that's it for several months! Over the ... Lea más

Sue signed Kris's Guestbook.

Hi Kris! Glad to hear that the water weight is coming off and you've got help to get rid of it...no fun.  As for the winter storms, I get it! Enough is enough already!  ... Lea más

Kris Jacobson posted a new journal entry, "Water weight!!!".

Well, I saw Dr. Denlinger on Tuesday... One week ago... And she, too, was concerned about the water weight. I showed her the pic of my feet in Las Vegas and she wrote a ... Lea más

Nancy F. signed Kris's Guestbook.

So glad you had a great time away from the snow & ice -- Philadelphia is worse off than Cleveland this month.Even better you felt good enough to thoroughly enjoy the ... Lea más

Kris Jacobson posted a new journal entry, "Las Vegas in February".

I want to go back!! Got home to more snow. The car has almost a foot of snow on it and the front walk was not done. That stinks, because I thought these guys I hired two ... Lea más

Kris Jacobson posted a new journal entry, "Ice storm".

It's been an interesting few days. Over 700,000 people lost power during this latest ice storm. I was one of them. There are still many people without power in this ... Lea más

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