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Long overdue update

Time for a long overdue update. I can't believe I haven't updated this since April!
Firstly, I got the results from the genomic testing. I have 3 mutations in the cancerous cells... One is not very prevalent and fairly rare. The other two are more common and almost always coexist. They are also the subject of a phase 1 trial with breast cancer patients. So, if and when this trial drug stops working, I will be jumping on the breast cancer trial bandwagon.
As far as the disease in my body... It is still stable after 16 rounds. 15 months! Dr. Denlinger and I discussed giving me a break. The edema is bothersome, and the fatigue is getting worse. So, we are giving me 2 weeks off to try to lessen the edema and fatigue while I am on vacation.
I am going to AL to visit my parents and brother and family. And my other brothers and families (most) are coming in, also! We are scattering the visit because there isn't enough room in the house... So for 2 days my parents house will be bursting at the seams! I can't wait... We haven't been together since before my diagnosis, so it will be nice to see everyone.
Other than the edema and fatigue, I'm feeling fine. My hair, although still falling out, seems to have stabilized. And the "acne" is still there, but I am using a cream that has it partly under control. All in all, I'm good. Still playing poker, still singing karaoke, and still dancing! Although the dancing is a bit less strenuous than it used to be.
i hope you all are enjoying your summer!