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Still waiting for genomic testing

It seems the genomic testing company doesn't understand Medicare! :)
My onc says they contacted HER about my insurance. Hopefully we have it straightened out, so the testing can go forward. I'm not sure whether the testing will help ME, but I know that eventually this info will help in the fight against cc.
We had to double up my Lasix, as my leg is swollen again. So she said to take an extra when needed. I don't want to take it at all, so doubling up is hard. It's hard on the kidneys, as is the trial drug. So that concerns me.
And I have a blood clot in my forearm. She's not too concerned about it, as it is just under the skin in one of the smaller veins or arteries. But it's yet another thing to watch.
Other than that, I'm getting over a cold. But nothing much else on the cc front.
I hope everyone is enjoying spring after that prolonged winter.