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April snow

After the winter we had, it would have been nice to not have our April snow. At least around here it didn't stick! Let's hope that's it for several months! Over the weekend it was 80s, then last night 30s.
i haven't posted a whole lot, since there's been little change.
i see Dr. Denlinger next Tues. I'm hoping there's some advancement in the genomic sequencing testing. They are using existing pathology, if available, instead of yet another biopsy. I don't know if it will help my fight, but the more info accumulated, the better. It's going to help fight this disease sooner or later.
It's been a tough couple of weeks. I'm doing okay, but some people I've met are having a tough time. I hate this cancer!
as far as my fight goes, things are stable. My hair loss seems to have stabilized. I'm still losing, but not much, so hopefully that was it. The water pills have become a way of life. If I don't take it, my left leg swells up again! It's always a little swollen, but at least it's not THAT noticeable anymore. My tumor markers were 32 last month! That's back in the normal range! And ct scan shows stability! So it's good news again.

and more exciting news on the horizon... There is a trial starting soon that shows a lot of promise for LOTS of cancers! A brief description: tumor cells, along with other cells, have a protein covering called CD45. The way it works with red blood cells is that RBC are born with a good strong coating of CD45. As the RBC ages, the coating thins, and eventually disappears, letting the body rid itself of the spent cell. This is the theory behind the new treatment,.. To remove the CD45 from tumor cells so the body fights the cancer cells. It has been tested in lab mice, with the worst case scenario being stability, and the best outcomes being total obliteration of the cancer cells. I'm still not clear what happens to other cells with this coating, but it's very promising!
The main reason I posted this long-winded trial info is for anyone reading this who has or knows someone just beginning their battle. It's coming! I see a light at the end of the tunnel. I just hope side effects aren't too bad. Time will tell.

heres hoping spring shows up to stay SOON! Enjoy, everyone,