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Las Vegas in February

I want to go back!! Got home to more snow. The car has almost a foot of snow on it and the front walk was not done. That stinks, because I thought these guys I hired two weeks ago were going to keep an eye on any storm and knock next door if we had one. My neighbor said they showed up today (the storm was Thursday). But they didn't do my car, so I'm kinda miffed.
Had a fun week. Walked too much. If I thought I had cankles before, I was WRONG!! lol My feet are SO SWOLLEN!!
I can't even remember how many casinos I was in. Treasure Island and Harrahs NUMEROUS times. Danced at Gilleys. Saw Marc Savard the hypnotist. It was hysterical, but adult. If you are offended by sexual humor, it's not for you. It doesn't get raunchy, but it's definitely for adults! I laughed and laughed!!
Also went to the Grand Canyon. It was chilly, and because of my swollen feet, I stupidly wore flip flops. What WAS I thinking? Oh, yeah... My feet hurt! lol Even saw some snow. What a beautiful place! I'm so glad I got the chance to see it! I took lots of pictures!
And I also got to see Cirque du Soleil. Went to Mystere. It was amazing! I loved it! I always loved gymnastics and circuses, so I was enthralled! Plus a little levity thrown in! A wonderful show!
Also did too much gambling. Most of you know I deal Texas Hold'em and play tournaments, so I thought I was pretty good..... Well, I thought I was, anyway! Last night Ellen and I played a small cash game. I won $22 and she won $60 so we didn't break even, but at least we got a little back.
I also played blackjack, and won small amounts there, too. $25, $30, and $20. So that was nice. Paid ONE if the tournaments I was in! lol
There was so much to see, and so little time. I only did one slow down afternoon by the pool. The rest of the time I was busy, busy! I need a vacation now! lol