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Ice storm

It's been an interesting few days. Over 700,000 people lost power during this latest ice storm. I was one of them. There are still many people without power in this region. We were just blanketed with ice everywhere! Power is out... Trees are down... Roads are closed! They are saying it is worse than Hurricane Sandy because of the freezing cold.
I lost power Wed. morning. It was returned Yesterday afternoon around 3. Thankfully I have great friends! I stayed with one friend on Wed. night, and went to another's yesterday. I stopped here in the morning to check on the house and it was 40 degrees inside my house. I think even my furnace froze... It took quite a few hours to get it to stay running. I have a little portable heater, which ran most of the day and night.
I also got about 2" of water in my basement... No power =no sump pump. When the power came back, the sump pump started. By the time I got home, the basement was mostly dried out. Not too much damage, as most of my stuff is either off the floor or in plastic bins.
As for my large silver maple... Two LARGE limbs did not survive the storm. One fell in the middle of my backyard, the other toward my house. But although it was long enough to cover my porch, it did not reach the house, nor did it do too much damage to my porch. At least not that I can see. So I texted Nick, my ex from 2 years ago to see if he still does tree work. He offered to do the work for free if I could wait until Monday or so. I said I could, but I won't see him, as I will be on vacation. But it's so nice of him. I'm still gonna leave a little money for him, if only to pay for his gas and equipment.
I'm glad it got resolved before tomorrow as I'm leaving for Las Vegas early in the morning, for a week. And I will deal with the flood damage when I get back, as I can't leave the stuff for the trash collectors today. Actually, I COULD, since we all still have our trash cans down waiting for trash pickup. This is the 4th of the past 6 weeks where we had no trash pickup.
I'm happy to be getting out of here... More snow tomorrow afternoon (only 1-3 inches) and another storm during the week, possibly Wed. I am so done with this winter!
I hope all of you have warmth and POWER this frigidly cold week. I know a few of my friends were still without power last night... I sure hope the power is back on SOON.