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Kori’s Story

Kori was dx with Ewing's Sarcoma with mets to the lungs on 12/08/08.

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Update 02/11/14:  Kori lost her 5+ year battle with Ewing's Sarcoma on 2/11/14 at 6:30PM CST.  May she rest in peace and fly high with the Angels in Heaven.

Update 1/10/13: Unfortunately, the 3rd time was not our charm.  But we have new HOPE!!  Kori will be considered for a Phase 1 Clinical Trial at the Mary Crowley Cancer Research Facility in Dallas, TX on February 11th.  We are praying that this is the answer to our prayers, & that once & for all Kori will kick Ewing's Sarcoma's ass & be able to live a somewhat normal life.  I will keep everyone updated via our Journal entries, & want to thank all of you for continuing to follow Kori's journey & praying for her well being.  It is much appreciated... NO words could tell you how much!  Thank you & God Bless :))

Update:  7/28/11 - We found out today that Kori has relapsed for a 2nd time.  She has multiple lesions (skull, pelvis and right femur)  It's a lot to take in as there is no known protocol for a 2nd relapse of Ewing's.  So today our journey begins again, but Kori is up for the challenge and we're hopeful that the 3rd time will be the charm!!

Update:  9/7/10 - Kori relapsed with a single spot to her lungs.  She had a thoracotomy to remove the spot and thus began another round of Vincristine, Irinotecan and Temodar, along with radiation to the lungs and to her left tibia.  She had a tumor in her left tibia that we had biopsied in August... the results were 99% Necrosis, but they still wanted to radiate and remove in early 2011.

February 2011 - Kori finished her radiation and chemo, and is doing well... thank the Lord :))  She had surgery on her left tibia to remove the tumor and we found out it was 100% necrosis (dead)... WOO HOO.  She will be on crutches (no weight bearing) for 6, and then ween off of the crutches over the following 6 weeks while she undergoes Physical Therapy to build up her leg and stamina again. 

April 25, 2011 - Kori had her port removed today, and we're praying that this is the LAST surgery she will ever have to endure.  :))  Thanks be to God and to everyone that has continued to support us throughout this journey - we could not do it without you!!

Original Entry - December 2008:  Kori was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma cancer to her left pelvis with mets to the lungs in December, 2008.  She was 13 years old at the time of diagnosis. 

She has endured 25 radiation treatments and 14 rounds of chemotherapy, which lasted for 3 to 4 days inpatient for each round.  She has undergone numerous tests and  procedures, and has continued to amaze us with her tenacity. 

As of today (01/18/2010), Kori is considered to be in remission.  While we are ecstatic about this news, we are also determined to take this news 3 months at a time as Ewing's is a very aggressive cancer and has a tendency to come back with a vengeance.  We will continue to celebrate each and every day and know that she is living her life to the fullest!!

Latest Journal Update

9 Months...

9 months... I remember when I found out that I was pregnant with Kori and I was scared, nervous and a little freaked out.  I didn't want to tell John because I always said that I didn't want kids.  I was never the "motherly" type.  9 months later we welcomed our special bundle of joy and life has never been the same.  I have learned to love unconditionally, learned to be a friend and a disciplinarian at the same time, how to truly be a family and not only think about myself.  Over the course of 18.5 years we never added another child to our crew, but we added our boys (Jake, Charlie, Truman, Jace, Chaz & Griffin, along with the kitties Garfied & Cody).  We love them as though they truly are part of the family too.  They love us no matter what and are there for us at all times.  Without our 4-legged family members, I am not sure that I would have survived the last 9 months.  They are nowhere near the first 9 months of Kori's life... filled with all the excitement, etc.  However, we push on and we live our lives as she asked us to.  We have traveled, we've spent more time together (John & Me) and we're trying to take better care of ourselves so that we can live long, healthy lives and enjoy the things that Kori never got to experience.  We've climbed Devil's Tower in Wyoming, zip lined through the trees of Missouri and are looking forward to whale watching next summer in Alaska.  We are doing our best to honor Kori's wishes and make her proud of us, as we were of her.  

We miss her with every fiber of our being, but refuse to be consumed by the grief because she would be so disappointed in us if we did.  

Happy 9-months in Heaven Miss Margaret (for those of you who know me, know this is Kori's nickname) - we hope that it's all that we have ever dreamed it to be!!

Love you and look forward to one day being reunited again!

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Dawn Smith
I think of your baby often and you and your husband as well. Kori's such a beautiful person inside and out. I talk to my daughter about Kori and all the challenges she was faced with and how she fought them so heroically. I encourage her to not sweat the small stuff and live life to the fullest, as Kori worked so hard to do in her short time on this earth. Kori has been an inspiration to many of us. Her memory still lives on very strongly in many of our hearts. Hope you and your family are doing well!
Nicole Keane
By Nicole Keane
Kay Curry
By Kay Curry
Just now reading your update. Behind on caring bridge posts! Beautifully written. I'm sure Kori is proud. I use to think it got easier when a parent loses a child but I've known now for several yrs since Lilli was diagnosed and meeting so many cancer parents that often is not true. Hugs, kay
Sheree Slade
By Sheree Slade
Thinking of you, Kori. Wondering how Thanksgiving is celebrated in Heaven? It's likely a DAILY event, isn't it? Hoping your Thanksgiving celebration is joyful, Krista. HUGE hugs and butterfly kisses as always.
Sharon Knudsen
By Sharon.Knudsen
Thinking of you and your sweet Kori.
Nancy Tallman
By Grace Mae's MomMom
Grateful to you for sharing these personal moments. Life keeps going whether we want it to or not. But some day we will all have "new" bodies and continue living with Jesus forever.
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Joyce Nosker
By Joyce Nosker
Lifting you in prayer.
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Denise Davis
By Denise Davis
Beautifully written. You are making Kori proud.
1 person hearted this
Jeff Gibbons
By Jeff Gibbons
So touching. We are going on 27 months since our son Evan passed. May God's grace, God's love and God's promise's be enough. Jeff Gibbons. Winston-Salem, NC.
1 person hearted this
Laura Rutledge
By Laura Rutledge
Krista, your courage, strength and honesty through all of this is such a light to all of us. You have never shyed away from the truth nor hide how you really feel. I believe that is why you and John are beginning to heal and enjoy life. I couldn't agree more that Kori is smiling to know that you both miss her terribly but refuse to let it ruin you. Sending love and prayers of continued joy filled moments.
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