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Hi everyone. We've created this site to keep friends and family updated about my dear husband, Kevin. Most of you know that we have recently found out that Kevin was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer......and we are in for the fight of our lives! 

Visit often to read the latest journal entries, visit the photo gallery, and write us a note in our guestbook. I will be sure to keep you updated!  Many of you have asked if we need any help so I will also use this site to let you know if we need something.  But you can start now by praying for Kevin's healing and strength!

It all started with a little stomach pain in the fall of 2009.  Kevin went to the doctor to get it checked out through a routine endoscopy....they found nothing but a little inflammation and so went on to refer him for a CT scan and tell him to go off of a medication he was taking for cholesterol.  His pain seemed to resolve.

Well, shortly after the stomach pains came back intermittently and then more recently he started experiencing back pain to the point that he was being kept up at night.  So, like a good patient, he called the doctor back and went for a CT scan on April 22.  They found an unidentifiable mass on the pancreas and said it could be nothing but a cyst or worst case pancreatic cancer. Our worst fears were realized when we went back for more tests on Monday, April 26.  It came back as what we never expected it could be at Kevin's age and profile: Pancreatic Cancer.  

So, that is where your prayers come in!  We need them.  Kevin needs them.  Kevin is STRONG (and stubborn as you may know), has a great heart, a full faith in God and loves to live especially when life it involves his two beloved daughters, Stella and Evelyn.
So please stay updated and pray with us!


Alice Shaeffer signed Katie's Guestbook.

Dear Katie, it has been such a pleasure reading your journal entries and sharing this journey with you.  Even though I have never met you personally, I feel like I know ... Read more

Mary Southard signed Katie's Guestbook.

Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family. Thanks for sharing your story and your faith. You have been a blessing to many. May God bless you always. Remember, anytime ... Read more

Mike & Meg Beske signed Katie's Guestbook.

Katie: You and Kevin are such a blessing to us....your journey has inspired us both, especially to rely on God in all we do.  God bless you and the girls....we will ... Read more

Carrie and Jerry Catalano signed Katie's Guestbook.

Katie, You, Stella, and Evelyn and in our thoghts and prayers.May the Good Lord wrap his arms around your "family" and hold you in his loving embrace ... Read more

Janine Fucik signed Katie's Guestbook.

Dear Katie, I remember the feeling you describe well.... and I am so happy to read that you have gotten to this point.... though from the day I met you, I knew you ... Read more

Suzanne Schultz signed Katie's Guestbook.

We have all been blessed by your beautiful words and great faith.  I wish you and the girls the very best in your new future.  Thank you for showing such great courage ... Read more

AL PERRY signed Katie's Guestbook.

So happy for you and the girls in taking another giant step in life...our prayers continue out for you and your family. Read more

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God bless you and your family this Christmas season and forward. Kevin taught the whole fishing industry just how short life can be and we all have a new respect for every ... Read more

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Merry Christmas Katie, Stella and Evelyn, Thank you so much for sharing.  May God always hold Kevin's three girls in the palm of his hand till you all meet again.  ... Read more

Felicia Moscatelli signed Katie's Guestbook.

I have learned much from reading about your journey.  Whenever I think of you, I will pray for you.  God Speed.Felicia Moscatelli Read more

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