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A special thank you from a.k.a. hope

A thank you letter and video from the children and missionaries at Aka Hope in Uganda!................
Greetings from Uganda!

a.k.a. HOPE’s first term of 2014 is just about to finish, and it was the best term we’ve had yet, thanks mostly to all of you. Through the donations given towards the Kirah Fund, we were able to absolutely transform our little school into a real academic environment that all the kids are so proud of. New uniforms were made through a local tailor, we have new desks and partitions to separate each class into their own little space, and we were able to clear and plant about half an acre for a garden! We also hired new teachers, women who are graduates from Compassion International and who are truly a godsend, all thanks to those who love and support the Elliot family.

While it’s been a great time in terms of renovation, we’ve had our ups and downs as well. We’ve become well acquainted with the hospital and police stations as the welfare of some of our kids were in jeopardy. But we have officially resettled three girls who were in horrible circumstances, and they are now doing beautifully! One girl, a Muslim who is resettled in a loving, caring Christian home, declared that she now wanted to start going to church regularly and that she even wanted to change her name from a common Muslim name to a Christian one to reflect her change of heart. Even amidst the heartache, it’s humbling to see God’s faithfulness and a sweet child’s response to His love.

The a.k.a. kids still pray for Kirah and the Elliot family almost every day, praying for Teacher Kirah’s soul in heaven and for peace for her parents and siblings. These children are not strangers to grief, but the outpouring of love from all of you is an anomaly to them. It has opened the way for conversations about God’s love, helping other people, and the concept of heaven. Pam gave us a photo of Kirah that is often passed around between the kids. It’s not uncommon to hear, “You are as beautiful as Kirah!”, given as the highest compliment.

Teacher Kirah is very much a part of a.k.a. HOPE and the children who belong there. From all of us here in Uganda, we want to say thank you. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.