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Heading to school December 10th, Kirah and Alisha hydroplaned and hit a tree on the driver's side. Alisha walked away from the accident with minor bruises. Kirah was rushed to the hospital and faced several trying weeks in the ICU at the Johnson City Medical Center. She is now at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. She has severe brain damage and is not responding to commands. Please pray Kirah's brain will heal, she will be restored back to health, and God will get all the glory!


Sterlin Elliott posted a new journal entry, "A special thank you from a.k.a. hope".

A thank you letter and video from the children and missionaries at Aka Hope in Uganda!................ Greetings from Uganda! a.k.a. HOPE’s first term of 2014 is just ... Read more

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Thank you Elliot Family for remembering those of us that had prayed for Kirah and for your family. Some knew her personally, and some like myself, didn't, but we loved her ... Read more

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Dear Elliot family,Though we never had the pivilege of meeting Kirah in this lfe, we know she was a blessing to so many people, and we share in your grief, knowing how ... Read more

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Dirk will be flying in this evening to be with you in honoring your Angel Kirah. Regrettably, the boys & I will not be able to be there. We wanted you to know that we are ... Read more

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Psalm 116:15  His loved ones are very precious to him, and he does not lightly let them die. literally, “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.”  Read more

Sterlin Elliott posted a new journal entry, "The Elliott family & aka HOPE".

Dear friends of the Elliott family, greetings. My name is Sally Skiera and I have been asked by Pam to write a post in this journal. I write with trepidation as this site ... Read more

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I will be unable to attend because I will be in the hospital, but know that my heart and mind will be there and your family will remain in my thoughts and prayers always. Read more

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Pam, once again you have displayed the grace of Jesus to all who will come on Saturday, making everyone feel comfortable, comforted and welcome. I was reminded of Isaiah ... Read more

Sterlin Elliott posted a new journal entry, "Celebration Info".

     Wanted to give you a heads up on some different/special things we wanted to do to "Celebrate Kirah”.  We know you will come to the visitation with a certain ... Read more

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Thank you for the tear-inducing SCC song. Moments ago I passed it along to a friend who is remembering the anniversary of a loved one's homegoing on December 5. Read more

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