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Kinley’s Story

Kinley was born in April, 2012. At her 2 month well baby visit the doctor was concerned that she was jaundiced and her liver felt enlarged. She was sent to Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital for tests. On July 5th she was diagnosed with Biliary Atresia, a rare liver disease in which the bile ducts in infants are absent or damaged and bile backs up in the liver causing scarring, cirhosis, and ultimately liver failure. She had a Kasai surgery that same day to attempt to drain bile by attaching a piece of her small intestine directly to her liver. Kinley initially did well with the surgery. In August and September her lab tests showed that the Kasai may not be continuing to work as well as we had hoped. On September, 26th her doctor at St. Louis Children's Hospital determined that the Kasai had failed and Kinley would need a liver transplant.

     Kinley was officially listed for a liver transplant on November 9, 2012 when she was 6 months old. After waiting for a transplant for 6 months, Kinley's health had become stable and she was changed to and inactive status on the transplant list. She will need a transplant eventually.

Latest Journal Update

Upper GI scope

Today Kinley underwent an upper GI scope to check for and band varices if needed. Varices are dilated vessels in the esophagus or stomach area caused by portal hypertension which is a complication Kinley has from having cirrhosis of her liver. If the varices burst they bleed out and that can be life threatening. She did have a couple of small varices seen on a scope last year, so we were expecting that they would have gotten worse by now and there may be more. However, they could only see one that was very small (grade 1). The doctor was amazed and Troy and I were too!!

Kinley was a rockstar through everything today and didn't even cry getting her IV which took a couple of tries. Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers. We know several others in liver land who are going through rough times and some who have gone through unimaginable losses and so we are so grateful that Kinley is doing so well and we certainly don't take it for granted!! 💚


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Mandi Banks
By Mandi Banks
Fantastic news!! Prayers do work!! God is good!!
Lisa Koberlein
By Lisa Koberlein
Great news!!
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Barry Coughlin
By Barry
That's awesome news!
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