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Kim’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site. We've created it to keep friends and family updated. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most.

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On March 19th Kim, Hayley and Madison were in a single car roll over accident. Winds from the West blowing East across 57 caused many areas of snow and ice over the road. While coming up on a small hill they hit snow and ice that caused them to spin and ultimately roll the vehicle over 4 or 5 times across the medium landing on all four wheels. Kim was ejected from the vehicle while the girls stayed belted safely inside. Many people stopped to help out and Kim was transported to Aurora Grafton and then flown to Froedtert. She was admitted for testing and within minutes rushed to surgery to relive the pressure on her brain. The next couple of days are critical with all the swelling of the brain that could happen. Please keep her in your prayers.

Kim had to have a piece of her skull removed to relieve the pressure that has built in her head from the accident. Besides that she had a broken collar bone, several fractured bones around her eye and a bruised elbow. She remained in the Froedtert ICU for the next 4 weeks. It was Thursday before Easter and the doctor sat me down and said if we don't see any change before Tuesdays meeting some decisions are going to need to be made. We gathered the family together that Tuesday and all went to see Kim before the meeting praying there was some change. I walked to the left of her bed and she appeared to be looking at me. Some people were on the other side of her bed and said something. For the first time she appeared to look from me to the other side of the room where they were. We all were very excited as it was the first sign that Kim had given us in three weeks. We all went to the meeting and they said with Kim's new small progress we should continue with the current care in ICU. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday there was no change. Saturday we went up with the kids and walked into the room to find her propped up and tracking with her eyes really well. I call this day the day Kim woke up. We even received some smiles for the first time. We spent one more week in the ICU and then transferred to Columbia St. Mary's down by the lake to start therapy.

Kim spent I think 5 weeks here where when she came she had to be hoisted in and out of bed with a winch. By day three she was already able to get into a wheelchair with assistance. Kim improved everyday she was here. The doctors said she was one in a million. They said they have not seen someone like Kim for about seven years. Kim also developed kidney stones while here and had to have stints put in. On her discharge day we both left in wheelchairs as just one day prior I broke two bones in my foot.

We were home roughly 24 hours and Kim had her first seizure in the shower. She was rushed to St. Nick in Sheboygan and was put on an anti seizure medicine. The last two weeks Kim has moved backwards a little bit I feel it may be the seizure medicine. We are going to change the medicine and see if it helps. Kim saw the neurologist that did her operation this week and was amazed. He said she is very lucky to be alive. She had her surgery this morning to put the skull flap back in. Doctor said things went well and should be able to see her soon.

Well its been about eight weeks since Kim has been home and what a roller coaster. All in all she is doing GREAT! We held a benefit for Kim and over 1,500 people attended! We are so blessed to have the support of our family, friends and community.

It was the seizure medication that made Kim go backwards and since has been toned down to a tolerable dose. She does get very sleepy and needs more rest than normal but to be expected with an injury like Kim's.

Met with one of Kim's main doctors from brain rehab and she was just impressed with her progress. She mentioned it was still so early yet and expects even more to back.

Went on a family trip to Rome WI last weekend and had a minor set back with a little seizure. Doctors went up on the seizure meds so we will see what happens. It normally takes Kim two or three days to bounce back from the seizures. They are very scary for her and for me.

I have to say we are very blessed to be where we are today. Many have told me Kim should not be here but she is. God has taken her by the hand through this whole experience.We are very grateful for that.

I cant say thanks enough to all the supporters we have. We are very grateful for our God, family, friends and community. We will continue to update the site as much as we can and thank you for following our story.