Not much new.

I haven't been posting much lately because I think I am kindve at a stand still for now. That is ok. No news in my life means I haven't had a seizure in a few months and I think we are starting to get my headaches under control. My back pain is still there, but hopefully that will be the next thing to go :). I come on here every couple of days and have re read all of your comments probably about a million times :) when I have a bad day it helps me to get through it:) I love you all! :) -Kim

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3 Replies

julie reichle
By julie reichle
Praying for peace and comfort for you, Kim!
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Camisha Miller
By Camisha Miller
Proud of you and our green shirt club! Love you
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Marilyn Jacoby
By Bob & Marilyn Jacoby
God has shown Himself faithful Kim and He will continue to do so in His timing.
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