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By Brenda Justinger — Apr 11, 2014 3:41pm
You don't know me but I know Raylene/Steve (Steve is my husband Ed's brother).  I've been following your journey all year and wanted to send a few words of encouragment in the way of a story ... 3+ years ago my step-dad suffered a severe brain injury and while it wasn't the same type as yours, much of the treament and recovery were the same.  We didn't think he'd ever walk again but he battled back.  We were told he could possibly still see improvement for 3 years and sure enough, close to his 3-year anniversary he went from using a walker to just a cane and even golfed this winter in Arizona.  He also suffered seizures the first year or so of recovery but hasn't had any in over 2 years (but I don't recall which side of his brain was injured).  While no two patients are alike I thought maybe hearing someone else's story of miracles coudn't hurt.  And, btw, you're MUCH younger than him -- that has to be a plus as far as healing goes!!  Your positive attitude and will to improve as well as your supportive family and most importantly God's loving embrace will get you to the next level of recovery and beyond!  I look forward to checking back here and reading about all the hurdles you have cleared on your road to full recovery!  I will continue to keep you in my prayers.  
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