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Kennedy Grace’s Story

Thank you so much for caring enough about our family and precious little girl to read an update on her. Kennedy Grace was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on April 27, 2007. Click on My Story to get the beginning details and we will keep the journal updated of her progress as the days go by and her specific prayer requests.

Kennedy Grace, age 3, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) on April 27, 2007. She begins treatment April 30, 2007.

Ok where do I begin except to say this is not where we thought we would be. It all started this past week when Kenny Grace kept complaining that her legs hurt. She was still walking so we kept ruling out a broken leg. By Wednesday she really wasn't playing much and really limping. By Thursday she started running a fever and kept complaining of her leg hurting. I finally called the Scottish rite hotline and the nurse told me leg pain followed by fever isn't a good sign if she complains tomorrow I ought to take her in to get checked. By 10:00 she had complained of her legs hurting so I got her an appointment at 2:40. The more I thought about it I knew my doctor didn't have an xray machine or couldn't take blood he would just send us to Kennestone so I figured I'll just take her to one of those satellite centers.

The doctor there continued to tell me how pale he thought Kenny Grace looked and I proceeded to tell him "No she just looks pale next to me and all my kids look pale". He ran some bloodwork and told me her platelets were really low. He wanted to call a specialist here at the hospital and within minutes we were told to go immediately to Children's and that we would be there for several days. It was there that the diagnosis was confirmed leukemia.

By Saturday we knew it was the best kind of leukemia to get. A.L.L has a great cure rate and the fact she is a girl makes it even better. Hallelujah!!! So we have cried the first 48 hours and now we are on our road to recovery and looking forward to finding out how God is going to use this for his Glory!!