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It has been a long time since we have been on caringbridge. So much has happened, we thought we would give everyone an update on Kennedy's progress since last time.

Kennedy  has now been over two years off chemotherapy. This past August she made it to Survivor Clinic. Yeah, that has been a wonderful milestone for us. In Survivor Clinic, their main concern is not about Kennedy's leukemia returning but more about investigating all the side effects from her chemotherapy drugs during treatment. They ran a battery of tests. It was an all day event at clinic and Kennedy did great. Kennedy has some side effects from chemo that we are trying to work on daily, some that we knew about and some that we didn't. Kennedy suffers from many different learning disabilities due to putting methotrexate in her spinal fluid monthly for two years. She also has weak eye muscles from vinchristine, and her bone density scan came back low due to all the steroids she had to take. We are also keeping our eye on a bladdar issue from a drug that can do severe damage to your bladder. However, she had a small amount of that drug and was given fluids for 3 hours after so we are just praying that the bladder issues go away. In the grand scheme of things, these side effects we happily live and deal with as we are so grateful she is cancer free.

This past year we took Kennedy out of a small private school. As we would never regret the time she had at Midway, it was obvious the time had come to change. Midway had such a huge impact on Kennedy's spiritual and prayer life that we will forever be grateful for. It is amazing whenever Kennedy hears a siren, she stops what she is doing and prays for whoever is injured (a true thanks to Diane Coleman). When Kennedy prays at dinner, afterwards our whole family just look at each other like,  "WOW that was the most precious prayer we have ever heard". Priceless for sure. The role models she had as her teachers have taught her more important things than academics for sure!!! However, Kennedy suffers from learning disabilities that just required more help.

After meeting with our local public school, we felt that was where God was leading us to put Kennedy for 2nd grade. Everyday since last April that we would go by Frey Elementary, we would pray for Kennedy's teachers and that she would be blessed with a sweet friend. If Kennedy was in the car, then she would also stop and pray as we drove by. I can tell you, once again, God has not let us down. We are tickled pink with Kennedy's teachers, and they way they are willing to work with her. She is getting more help than Kenn and I ever thought possible in a school day. But the absolute best part is that Kennedy is so happy. Her self confidence has gone through the roof. We have been blown away by the many changes in Kennedy since school has started. WOW, what a little self confidence can do for a child is amazing. God has truly answered our prayers. Kenn or I go eat lunch with Kennedy maybe once a week. Her little friends are precious. God is so good. He once again has answered every prayer we prayed as we passed that school all summer.

Thank you so much for constantly asking about Kennedy. I know there are a lot of you that still pray for her daily, thank you. She is our little miracle, and we know God has a great plan for her life. I pray every day as she is about to get on the bus (which she absolutley LOVES) that she will be a light for Jesus. Kennedy told me that one day there was a boy making fun of one of her friends. Kennedy and another little girl stopped playing at recess, held hands and prayed for their friend. Uh, to us that is being a light!!!

We would appreciate your continual prayers for Kennedy and her learning. We have come far but still have far to go. However, we really see a light at the end of the deep dark tunnel. That tickles our hearts!!!

September is childhood cancer month. It is amazing that of all the money raised for cancer today, the government only puts 3% of cancer reasearch funds go toward finding a cure for childhood cancers. The picture on this site is one of Kennedy getting to be a model for the Rally Foundation. It was a great event and raised a lot of money. Kennedy was being escorted by a Falcon Football Player and couldn't have been happier. There are wonderful foundations out there that do so much to find a cure and walk by families during their cancer journey.

Many thanks to those who read this and lift up a prayer of thanks to God on our behalf. We are truly grateful for your prayers and your friendship.

Here is an adorable video of the fashion show. It is worth the 4 minutes.