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Hope everyone is doing well. We are so glad Spring is finally here in Atlanta, GA. Kennedy is doing great. It is so hard to believe that is has been almost 10 months since her last treatment.

We are still struggling with learning, fine motor skills, focusing, and weak muscles (especially the eyes). They keep telling us it is to be expected, so we are just trying to find a way to make her successful in school. We are starting to see that she now thinks she is the only one not "getting" it in school and starting to become very frustrated with school.....
BUT, we keep telling ourselves that she is ALIVE and this is nothing compared to what she has been through.

Kennedy has been dealing with a stye/chalazion that will NOT go away. She is now scheduled for surgery on May 10th to have it removed. Bless her heart. The eye doctor made us fill out all this paper work on putting her to sleep. We just kind of chuckled to ourselves. The poor child has been put to sleep like 50x!!!!!

Tonight is a big night. It is the opening of the movie "Letters To God". Kenn and Kennedy were able to be on set the last day of filming. It just so happened to be Kennedy's last day of chemo (10 months ago). Kennedy got to sit in the director's chair and give orders (trust me, she loves barking orders:)). At the end of the movie, they have some survivor stories. Kennedy is one of them. We don't know what they say yet, but we can't wait to go see it. Just thought we would pass it on and encourage you to go see the movie.  Here is a sneak peek.

We thank God daily, sometimes hourly, for allowing Kennedy to be healthy again. Please know that even though we don't see some of you as much or talk, we are still praying for all of you that are still battling. We love you!!!