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By Wendy Phillips — Dec 17, 2013 1:54pm
I saw all the hidden pain and stress in you as we spoke briefly, at LVM the other day.  That is a biggie, and the one people can't see is often the toughest to get through!  What you are experiencing is not anything that I would not expect.  It would come under the acronym of PTSS, and you will find your way through it.  If you are not already, get some help.  It will be a great relief to be able to express some of that stuff to someone with good ears.  I have tremendous trust and faith in your abilities, Kevin...HUGE.  You will get through ALL of this ordeal.

I have watched you grow since you were a little kid, and always known you had what is needed to make life happen in a good way for you, and yours.  I care deeply about your journey.  It is, and has not been, an easy one.  You are doing so beautifully...just keep walking the path, one step at a time!  One day at a time, and often, one minute at a time.  Courage my friend.  That is something you are not lacking!

Sending much love and affection to all in the family, but especially you!