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Kevin’s Story

Kevin was born on January 18, 1994. He is a 3 sport athlete (baseball, basketball, and cross country) sophomore at Franklin Central High School in Indianapolis, Indiana. He loves watching and playing most all sports, but his three favorite teams are the Kentucky Wildcats, New England Patriots, and New York Yankees. Some things he enjoys doing in his free time would be fishing, spending time with family, and playing XBOX 360(COD). He was diagnosed on February 10th with a brain tumor, specifically pontine glioma. That night he began the first round of 5 weeks of radiation. He should begin soon to steadily improve with every radiation treatment. The main thing he needs right now is everyone to just continue praying. You got this Kev!  Kevin still has a lot of You Got This Kev tshirts, if you are interested please let us know.
3114 S. Richardt Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46239

Latest Journal Update

It has been a while

The book!
The book!
I have been slacking with updates.  Kevin is doing terrific.  He is in his third year at University of Kentucky.  We are approaching 5 years since diagnoses, God is so good.  He is a miracle.  Kevin is taking a full load of classes, going to basketball practice, stepping out of his comfort zone, meeting new people, and taking care of his service dog, Aria.  Aria is a beautiful black lab.  She can do some pretty amazing things like up doors, pick up things that kevin may have dropped, find help if he needs it, help remove his socks and shoes and so much more.  Aria is his protector, best friend, gives him love and affection. ICAN is who we received Aria through.  ICAN is a group of very dedicated people providing training and support for the dogs and people with all abilities.  It is an amazing organization.
Angie Fischer, a mother from Kentucky who has been following Kevin's journey since the beginning, wrote a children's book inspired by Kevin's story.  The book is being sold on Amazon  titled Basketball Dreams and Wildcat Prayers.  A portion of the proceeds will go to help fund Kevin's college dreams  You may go to the link to read more about it  http://www.hawkinspublishinggroup.com/kevin-massey-scholarship-fund.html   College is expensive and it is going to take Kevin probably 5 years to graduate from UK but he will do it that is for sure.  This year we have 2 students at UK  Marissa is now a freshman there.  She is loving her experience there and she helps Kevin so much too.  But don't get me wrong Kevin has been in Kentucky for 2 years without her and managed quite well but having her and Aria there is an add comfort.  I look at my kids and thank God everyday for each of them.  Duke married Jennifer this summer.  They are doing extremely well.  I wouldn't complain if I was to become a grandma soon.  lol.  all in their own time, right.  So now you kind of get why it has been a while since updating caringbridge.  Now that Dwain and I are empty nesters and 2 in out of state college our house is extremely quiet so I went out and got a second job.  We have a large tuition bill due by Christmas so why not work part time to help with paying for my kids going after their dreams.  Being on this journey gave us a new perspective on going after your dreams and how short life is.  Dream big, go hard after them, be happy, laugh often and make many memories along the way.  
The other day, I received a call out of the BLUE from a great friend and COACH of ours.  Just to check in with me and tell me how proud he is of Kevin and that he prays for him everyday still at mass.  Coach Cal said almost every practice Kevin comes in with a smile on his face and brings laughter to everyone.  Not too many people of his stature would take the time to do all that he has done for Kevin and our family.  He is truly a great person as well as a coach.  Coach Robic and the rest of the guys are family to Kevin.  Coach Robic looks after him like he is their son.  It is amazing to me that no matter what is going on Kevin can count on them for anything!  Complete strangers who was touched by Kevin's story almost 5 years ago. 

Kevin journey with DIPG has been a rough one and also a blessing in so many ways.  Where would we be? What ifs? Should have beens? Could have beens? Survivors guilt? Tend to creep in our thoughts and we have to fight it off.  This is what God has planned out for us, we just have to walk the path letting him take the lead.  Keep the prayers coming!
You Got This, Kev!
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Jan Clegg
By Jan Clegg
Glad to read this post, nice to keep up with all of you, feel like you are personal friends and yet have never met any of you. I do keep up with Kevin on FB, and love seeing the pictures of him and his beautiful Aria. My prayers for all of you will continue.
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Wilda Evans
I'm so happy to read this post!!!! I think of (and pray for) Kevin still. I didn't know how he was doing, but I felt like he was doing well. It's been four years now since I met Kevin. I was one of his Make-A-Wish wish granters. Kevin impressed me so much. The one thing that I believe keeps him and you all going, is that you never accepted what the doctors told you. You knew if this was God's Will, there was more to the story and you waited on Him. It's an incredible story. May God continue to bless you and guide you! ~Wilda Evans, Indianapolis
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Ellen Bergman
By Ellen Bergman
I'm so glad for this update -- it feels as if I've missed at least a year of Kevin, maybe more -- is that even possible??? Aria was big news too. I'm also glad for the reminder of the power of prayer...and your family's continuing need for it. That will get me back on the team! Thank you for sharing such wonderful news. God bless you all. Hugs and prayers,
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Lois Massey
By Roy and Lois Massey
What another great report from Kev, Aria, and Rissa.
So very proud of all of you and continue busting with pride when we update Kev's story to other family members and friends.
Ruth and Dwain , I know you were busting the buttons off your shirts when you got this last call from Coach Cal. I can see you both now . . . . running around and hugging each other saying . . . "can you believe that?". But, we know we can, because Coach Cal has been there for all of you every step of the way.
So happy to see that 'Rissa's dream of attending U K came true too . . . . even though she isn't there close to bring you your Long's donut and McDonald's coke each morning after you get to work. Maybe you can talk Pappy and Granny into taking over that task for 'Rissa. lol
Know you are busy planning your time for the holidays with the kids and Aria . . . . isn't Aria in for a BIG SURPRISE since this will be her first Massey Christmas?
Keeping all of you close in our hearts, in our thoughts and always in our prayers. Hugs to all of you.
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Ginny Green
By Ginny Lexington, Ky — last edited
You are living the dream, everyone wants to see their children succeed. Your family's love, faith and great parenting have led the way to their success. Enjoy their achievements and make memories! Kudos to you and your husband. God continue to bless and guide each of you.
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gaye dickey
By Gaye Gentry-Dickey
So wonderful to get such a positive update on Kevin and all of the family...the UK family too! God bless you all.
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