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Coming home

coming home 3/24/10

coming home 3/24/10

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Kevin is doing well.  4 years ago we just came home from the hospital. What a ride we have been on.  Kevin went back to UK on Sunday he was on Spring Break the week before.  Man I love to have him here but I love to see him chasing after his dreams. His grades are doing well but prayers are needed to help him finish the semester strong!!! 
4 years ago we were learning how to deal with the trach, gtube, CPR, palliative care etc....not knowing what was going to coming around the corner.  As I look back at the journey that we started 4 years ago too many children's cancer journey is just beginning...WE need to find the cure soon.  At Franklin Central High School, the high school Kevin, Duke and Marissa attended,one student lost her battle and another was recently diagnosed with cancer this year. It hurts my heart so bad to know some of the journey these families are going through  I will never say I know what they are going through because each journey has it is own up and downs, highs and lows, and trials and victories. One thing that helped us a lot was the support we received for the community.   Please help Kyle's family by purchasing a tshirt.  Click on the link
I can't end this post without saying I love March Madness. LETS GO CATS!!!  C A T S cats, cats cats
Keep the prayers coming!
You Got this Kev!