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Kevin’s Story

Kevin was born on January 18, 1994. He is a 3 sport athlete (baseball, basketball, and cross country) sophomore at Franklin Central High School in Indianapolis, Indiana. He loves watching and playing most all sports, but his three favorite teams are the Kentucky Wildcats, New England Patriots, and New York Yankees. Some things he enjoys doing in his free time would be fishing, spending time with family, and playing XBOX 360(COD). He was diagnosed on February 10th with a brain tumor, specifically pontine glioma. That night he began the first round of 5 weeks of radiation. He should begin soon to steadily improve with every radiation treatment. The main thing he needs right now is everyone to just continue praying. You got this Kev!  Kevin still has a lot of You Got This Kev tshirts, if you are interested please let us know.
3114 S. Richardt Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46239

Latest Journal Update

I Believe....

On this day 5 years ago, we received the most devastating news.  The moment where a strange resident doctor comes in to explain to you, your family and Kevin that our time is very limited together on earth.  Very matter of fact, she thought someone else had talked with us, but that wasn't the case.  I asked show me, show me please.  I felt this need to visually see what was going to destroy and devastate our family.  So down the hallway to the nurses station and back to where the residents sit they pull up Kevin's MRI.  Standing there very stoic waiting for the film to come up, I see this huge white area in the middle of Kevin's brain.  I didn't need to hear another word out of her mouth I knew just how bad it was.  I went running down the hallway, tears flowing uncontrollably, beyond gut wrenching cries, sobs, screams coming from the deepest places of my inner soul.  My baby, my baby please God no don't take my baby boy.  Try to bargain with God take me instead of my Kevin.  Family, friends, churches, complete strangers begun to pray, praying for a miracle.  That helped us to start believing our miracle would come true.  Well it is has been 5 years!!!!  Our God works miracles everyday, every minute, every second most have not had the front seat to witness them.  Wait, I take that back most don't realize that miracles are happening around constantly.
I believed in God.  I believed God was with me.  I believed God was with Kevin.  I believed God was listening to all the prayers that was being sent up with our family's name and Kevin.  I believed that God didn't put this disgusting disease on Kevin.  I believed God would/will welcome Kevin into the gates of heaven.  I believe I heard Gods voice so calming, so clear and so exact "I am by your side, I will not leave you, You are not alone."  I believe that with all my heart God was sitting by me, holding my hand, comforting me.
I believed in prayers. At the time, I believed God was doing miracles but I didn't know what I was praying for.  Should I pray for healing yes but was that too much?  nothing is too big for God, I believe now.  Should I pray for peace? Should I pray for strength to get through?  Should I pray that Kevin not suffer?  So I prayed for all that and so much more.  I prayed please let his life mean something to someone.  I prayed to have one more conversation to make sure Kevin wasn't afraid, to know he surrender his heart to God and that Kevin knew we loved him.  I prayed to help me to give me the strength to be able to help my other kids through it all.  I prayed for complete healing.  I prayed to believe in what I was asking God to do.  As the days went by I started to believe what I was praying for was going happen.  Nothing is to big for God no matter what anyone else has to say.  Yes, I know I listened to the doctors but I believe that my family was going to have this miracle.
I believe in little miracles at first.  God showed me little bits of the miracle he had planned for Kevin. he was hooked up with a breathing tube, monitors checking his heart rate, respirations, oxygen levels and feeding tube in his nose, the doctors would come in every couple of hours checking on him.  I stood there talking to him staring at his face I remember telling them Kevin squeezed my hand or he wiggled his big toe, miracle.  I got that look like honey we know you are really wanting this but it is not happening.  He begun to come out of the coma, another miracle. That was the ball starting to roll on God's miracle.  We have had some many miracles I could write for days on them.  I believe God still has many many more instore for Kevin's life. 
I believe that Love, Laughter, happiness, kindness, faith, life, doctors, friendship, community, family, dreams, healing, grace, blessings and MIRACLES has all played a enormous part in helping us get to where we are today.  I can't wait to see where God is leading Kevin and our family. 
Kevin turned 21 years old in January and is in his 3rd year at The University of Kentucky.  He is studying health communications. Kevin is a manager of the men's basketball team.  Coach Calipari, Coach Robic and the rest of the coaching staff, managers, players and the BBN are all huge supporters for Kevin's journey.  Kevin works hard on his grades.   He has big plans and big dreams.  Work hard and play harder is something Kevin believes strongly in.  In April, Kevin and I are going to StupidCancer.com CancerCon.  Cancercon is for young adults who have or had cancer to go, learn and socialize with other young adults that are on their cancer journey.  Kevin is very excited about this conference and to learn from others.  It is hard being in a wheelchair in college with a cancer diagnoses.  When most would have gave in, given up and felt sorry for themselves Kevin just keeps pushing forward.  Hero is defined as a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities.  Kevin is a hero in every sense of the word. Thank you for praying, supporting, laughing, crying, loving and believing with us on this journey.  We appreciate all the love and support for each and everyone of you. Thank you doesn't seem enough.
To quickly catch you up on other happenings in our families lives.  Aria, Kevin's service dog, turned 3 years old this past weekend.  Aria is Kevin's right hand,  She loves him just as much as he loves her.  Aria loves marshmallows treats and any attention she can get.  Marissa is turning 19 on the 19th.  She is a freshman at University of Kentucky as well.  She was diagnosed with Mono today, say a pray for her speedy recovery.  Kevin and Marissa spend a lot of time together and she helps him with getting in and out of bed, with Aria and drives her brother crazy.  She loves UK as much as Kevin.  Duke will be turning 26 in March and will becoming a dad himself in August.  Everyone is so excited for the new bundle of joy.  Duke and Jennifer are both busy working. Dwain and I have been busy working and trying to keep busy.  The house is quiet when we getting home from work, we are just not used to it.  Dwain and I are so proud of all of them.  Mama, Papa, Granny, and Pappy are all doing well.  They spoil all of us with an abundance of love and support. 
As I lay down at night I say my thank you to God for the very blessed life I have.  I thank him for the miracles we have received, for miracles we are receiving today and the miracles he has in store for our future.  God is so good.  Keep the prayers coming!

You Got This, Kev!!