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Kevin was born on January 18, 1994. He is a 3 sport athlete (baseball, basketball, and cross country) sophomore at Franklin Central High School in Indianapolis, Indiana. He loves watching and playing most all sports, but his three favorite teams are the Kentucky Wildcats, New England Patriots, and New York Yankees. Some things he enjoys doing in his free time would be fishing, spending time with family, and playing XBOX 360(COD). He was diagnosed on February 10th with a brain tumor, specifically pontine glioma. That night he began the first round of 5 weeks of radiation. He should begin soon to steadily improve with every radiation treatment. The main thing he needs right now is everyone to just continue praying. You got this Kev!  Kevin still has a lot of You Got This Kev tshirts, if you are interested please let us know.
3114 S. Richardt Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46239


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I have been with you all since the beginning of the Caring Bridge postings.  I pray, I laugh, I cry, I rejoice, I praise our Father and I worry with you.  I am so proud ... Read more

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So happy to read that he is holding his own. God will always help you through if you let him Blessings to you all.  Read more

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What a beautiful message. I love getting your updates and want you all to know that you and your family remain in my prayers and that you continue to inspire me. Kevin is ... Read more

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Kevin is doing well.  I have been reading through this journal today.  It is full of family, grace, faith, tears, inspiration, love, laughter, and change.  ... Read more

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HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY KEV  ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Know you had a great birthday and know that you made the day special for everyone around you instead of them making the day ... Read more

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Happy birthday Kevin.  Hope it's been a great day and you are doing well.  Think about you often and still praying for you.  Heading to Lexington in the morning for the ... Read more

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Happy Birthday to my baby boy.  Kevin was the sweetest, most loving, blonde hair, blue eyed, gingerbread man tan, shy and mommy's little boy when he was ... Read more

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