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By Roy and Lois Massey — Feb 9, 2014 8:34am

Good morning to all,

My goodness how far we have all come in the last four years. We remember so well, getting the phone call from Joetta    ( Kevin's Aunt Jo). Not only was it so hard to grasp the news she was telling us, but trying to find the words for her to relay our thoughts and prayers to the rest of the family.

Adding Kevin to the many prayer chains here in KY and the many, many friends who prayed non stop for Kevin  . . . .  not just because he was a member of our family but also because he was a UK fan and had blue blood in his veins.

Cannot begin to mention all of the phone calls we began getting . . .  " just checking  in to see how Kev is doing and letting you know we have shared his story with our friends so we have many, many more prayer warriors in the fields praying for him." 

What an inspiration Kev, and the rest of the family have been for everyone who has had heard his story, and what an inspiration for the doctors and nurses at Peyton Manning to see his improvements when he goes back for his check-ups.

Keep sharing your faith and your story with everyone who will listen . . . .  GOD is GOOD and HE DOES ANSWER PRAYERS !

Looking forward to seeing what God has in store for this next chapter in Kev's life and his time at UK. Just know he is keeping his friends and professors in stitches 24/7 with all of his little pranks he loves to pull on everyone.

Our love, thoughts and prayers continue for each of you as you prepare for these next changes in Duke and Marissa's life.


Love you buddie, Uncle Roy and Aunt Lois

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