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Mi historia

I was hospitalized on July 22, 2013 following several days of illness and having my temperature spike to 103. I was eventually diagnosed with West Nile Virus. This inflamed a previous undiagnosed condition called Myasthenia Gravis a rare autoimmune disorder. This lead to a life threatening crisis that included meningitis and encephalitis. The result was several weeks on life support that included tube feedings and a tracheotomy to sustain my breathing. A tumor was found in my thymus gland that required surgery. In the mean time I developed pneumonia in my left lung. Surgery on September 26th included removing the tumor, my thymus and the lower lobe of my left lung. I spent 8 weeks at Northern Colorado Rehab Hospital and finally returned to our Fort Collins home on December 10th after close to five months of hospitalization. This blog chronicles my journey from initial hospitalization to the present status of my recovery.


Ken Summers posted a new journal entry, "Another Rehab Verse".

It was nice to feel like I am getting back to normal today. I have had more energy and am feeling much better than the past ten days.I enjoyed lunch today with my friend ... Lea más

Ken Summers posted a new journal entry, "A Ruler Fair and Trustworthy".

Getting back on top of my game physically is taking more time than expected or I thought I had patience for. That sounds a little bazaar when I think about it, considering ... Lea más

Ken Summers posted a new journal entry, "The Effect of Righteousness".

I woke up this morning feeling the way I thought I would wake up on Saturday; feeling like I am putting my cold and symptoms behind me. I am not 100% but certainly feeling ... Lea más

Ken Summers posted a new journal entry, "The Great Equalizer".

I believe that I am on the mend. Last night went much better and I didn't feel as rough this morning as yesterday. However, Debbie and I have laid low and I have been ... Lea más

Ken Summers added a new photo.

Ken Summers posted a new journal entry, "Peace Through Trust".

This has been an interesting day, a somewhat of a "turn around day" I pray. I woke up this morning feeling as tired and weak as when I went to bed early last night. We ... Lea más

Ken Summers posted a new journal entry, "Man's Wisdom - God's Wisdom".

After anticipating a good day and moving on from some of the symptoms that I have been experiencing this week, today has been a rough day. Last night, after the reprieve ... Lea más

Ken Summers posted a new journal entry, "Sustained to the End".

Today, I have been gradually overcoming my cold symptoms. Hopefully tomorrow, I will wake up to more of a "normal" day. I had my neurologist appointment today for a nerve ... Lea más

Ken Summers posted a new journal entry, "2nd Shortest Verse".

I think I am having one of those days where "I feel better than I sound." After a better night of rest, I still felt pretty run down this morning. I am glad the I kept my ... Lea más

Ken Summers posted a new journal entry, "Caught off Guard".

I had a pretty rough night last night. My hacking cough not only disturbed my sleep but Debbie's as well. I had a consult with my doctor and I have a tentative appointment ... Lea más

Ken Summers posted a new journal entry, "When Meaning Well - Doesn't Go Well".

This morning I had an appointment for a MRI on my head and neck. It ended up taking longer than it was suppose to because they had to redo several exposures. I guess you ... Lea más

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