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Kenny’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We've created it to keep friends and family updated about Kenny. It is a place to leave positive and uplifting messages for Kenny, Frankie, and Ray Hill. Please feel free to sign the guest book in support of this wonderful family!

Sunday night, April 3rd, Kenny went to the McDuffie Regional Medical Center Emergency Room complaining with a headache and high blood pressure. They ran a CT, got his blood pressure down, and sent Kenny home. He went back Monday morning for a followup. The radiologist read the CT and the doctor referred Frankie and Kenny to University Hospital.

The ER at University ran a MRI, and Dr. Abramson sat Frankie down and told her that they found 4 tumors in the back of Kenny's head. At that point they did not know any more than that. They admitted Kenny to the 9th floor ICU for observation. They gave him some medicine for the pain and swelling, and by Monday night Kenny rested comfortably.

Tuesday, April 5th is test day and Dr. Abramson and the ICU staff met with Kenny and Frankie to explain the schedule for the day. At that time, they told Kenny about the tumors. He handled it as well as can be expected and seemed more upset about the fact that he can't go home this morning.

On a better note, the medicine began to relieve the swelling and the pain and of course Kenny had to cut up with the nurses. His appetite is good and he requested a Big Mac and McDonald's Sweet Tea last night. He was cutting jokes about how long it took the ICU nurses to get him out of his jeans. He had a panty raid planned for midnight. The Hill sense of humor is at 100%!