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Hello Everybody & Hello 2012!!!

We would like to share with you what Kenny Hill has been up to this holiday season.

As most all of you know, Kenny had Gamma Knife Radiation performed in September on the one tumor in his brain. Gamma Knife Radiation is a pinpointed laser beam of radiation designated for one particular spot. Gamma Knife does not automatically get rid of the tumor, but it will cause it to shrink. This type of radiation can continue to radiate in the brain for 12 to 18 months. Kenny came thru the procedure with flying colors.

A couple of weeks later, we started to notice some changes in Kenny. He was confused and his balance was really bad. A trip to Dr. Abramson office revealed that Kenny had developed an edema in the area where the Gamma Knife Radiation was performed. (Note, developing an edema after Gamma Knife is a common side affect of the procedure). Dr. Abramson admitted Kenny to the hospital for a week, so that he could receive iv medication to treat the edema. Once the edema had decreased in size, Kenny was released. Kenny improved for a short period of time. But soon his health started slipping again. In November Kenny’s speech, balance and other abilities had been significantly affected. And even after spending another week at University, and two (2) weeks at the Walton Rehab Center, where Kenny went thru several hours of physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy daily, there was little overall improvement. Kenny was released from Walton. Once at home, the therapists from Trinity Home Health continued to work with Kenny to improve his speech, cognitive and physical capabilities.

On December 6th, Kenny had an appointment with Dr. Abramson. A CT scan at Dr. Abramson’s office revealed that the edema had increased in size. Dr. Abramson felt that a shunt would be necessary to resolve the edema and release the fluid and pressure on Kenny’s brain. Kenny went from Dr. A's office straight to University for admission. He was admitted to the NEURO ICU and on December 7th a ventricular shunt was placed in Kenny’s brain. The doctors were able to manually release fluid and pressure on Kenny’s brain.

While the shunt was a blessing, it did not help Kenny become more alert. The team of Drs. started new tests and determined that Kenny was having multiple whole brain seizures. (Note, Kenny has been on a seizure medication since the initial brain surgery last April). The next couple of weeks were spent with the doctors regulating Kenny’s seizure medications and getting the seizures under control with the right cocktail of meds.

Dr. Abramson & the team ordered no visitors during this time. He did not want Kenny to get overly excited or stimulated. Kenny had to remain completely calm so as to avoid any additional seizures. Unfortunately it took weeks to stop the seizures. Follow up scans showed that the seizures were finally under control, but they had caused some damage. At this time, it is not known if this damage is temporary or permanent. Only time will tell.

Once Kenny & the medications were stable, he was released from the hospital on January 6th. We returned home and are now settled into a routine schedule of nurses, aides, therapist and visits. Kenny is tolerating visitors well.

Kenny’s communications skills are still impaired, however he is very aware of his surroundings and comprehends more than he can communicate back.

All of you are welcomed and encouraged to come and visit. We ask that you keep your emotions in check and not do anything that would cause Kenny to become overly excited or overly emotional. We do not want to risk him having a seizure. If you have a cold, a cough, the sniffles or the flu, we ask that you visit on a day when you are in better health. Please visit often and limit your visits to about 30 minutes each time so that Kenny will not be worn out.

Thank you for all of your prayers. We believe that this is why Kenny is still with us today. Please continue to pray for him and his journey through this illness.

Please come to see us and bring him your love and joy!

Thank You & Blessings from the Hills!

Kenny, Frankie & Ray