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Kenny’s Story

My name is Kenny conidaris. Im 17years old and I started playing soccer when I was 4. I love all sports especially Nascar and football. I love fishing with friends and hanging out at the beach .

On April 7th, 2006 ,

I was diagnosed with Severe Aplastic Anemia.





In March of 2006 Kenny wasn't feeling well, with flu like symptoms. On Monday March 27th, 2006 we made the first trip to the doctors. The doctor said it was just a viral infection, let it run its course.

One week later Kenny still wasn't feeling well , this time he was tired, his color was pale, he had unexplained bruises (just assuming from soccer), and always out of breath. Anyone who knows Kenny knows something sounds wrong. On Sunday April 2, we were back at the doctors complaining about his pale skin color, tiredness,bruises,and still flu like symptoms. we asked for a simple blood test and they said "No, its just a ear and sinus infection". Bruising and his off color were due to this. They prescribed meds to clear the infection and told us to call us if he weren't feeling better in a week.4 days on the meds Kenny was still very Pale with a greyish tint to his skin coloring,  another unexplained, golf ball sized bruise on his upper thigh and  still very tired. Later that night I went on the computer and looked up "Unexplained Bruising".. Leukemia and blood disorders popped up, Every mothers NIGHTMARE! After reading a few horror storys I went to bed thinking I must be nuts to think my son could be so sick. Am I crazy or just being an over protective nervous Nelly of a mother.The next morning I called the doctor AGAIN and said I wanted a blood test done on Kenny to set my mind at ease. After arguing and insisting on the blood work, they finally told me to bring him in. just 1 hour of getting his finger pricked at the doctors office we were sent to the hospital . Kenny was admitted, had to have several pints of blood transfused just to get ready for a bone marrow biopsy the next am. At noon April 7th, 2006 it was confirmed my son Kenny  has Severe Aplastic Anemia. Severe Aplastic Anemia extremely rare blood disorder. It effects about 5 out of 1million people. It needs Immediate attention and is life threatening. Kenny's best way to cure this disease  is to have a bone marrow transplant with the best response from a sibling donor. We waited 3 weeks to find out we had no match. Two of his sisters matched each other but not him. On may 17th we started his immuno-suppressive treatment @ Duke hospital in North Carolina. After 4 months of blood transfusions, shots, 12 pills a day, we returned back home to Florida. Kenny had been in a remission until July of 2008. Kenny's blood counts starting dropping again. Doctors felt the Aplastic anemia is re-accruing or something else (another under lying disease) may be surfacing. Back to Duke and back to the drawing board we went again. July and August brought testing and another biopsy ( this makes 9 total since the diagnosis) to help us figure out what is wrong with my son. After careful evaluation, the doctors decided that Kenny needs a bone Marrow transplant. So the search begins. After checking all the bone marrow registry's which is about 5 million match :(We are crushed and discouraged.
In August of 08 they put Kenny on Prednisone a steroid to give Kenny one last chance to try and jolt his marrow into working. Kennys counts remain stable as long as he is on the steroids but when we try weaning off the meds..his counts fall. Another biopsy was done in Nov 08. Seems we just cant be out of the woods.In march of 09, Kenny was headed for a transplant, at the last minute they decided to put it off . Good thing because his counts started to climb on there own.April 2011. Kenny's Anemia is currently in a somewhat of a remission and blood counts are all in normal range. Unfortunately Kenny has picked up a second disease call PNH. Its where the body attacks his Red blood cells and makes them deteriorate. It is present in his body, and seems to be slowing arising but is not active at this time. It's kinda like watching a hurricane at a distant not knowing what its gonna do, damage it will do, could it do or if and when it will come.  
 I appreciate every day with Kenny:) 

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