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Kenneth’s Story

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We wish to welcome all friends and family of Reverend Kenneth Treat to view this website.  As most of you know, Ken is now at a skilled nursing facility called Arbor Hills, located in La Mesa California.  It has been a difficult journey that has led him to this point and we will try to explain it as best as possible. 

For several years now, Ken has had issues with dizziness and balance.  He baffled the doctors who originally diagnosed him with positional vertigo.  In the early part of March, his neurologist diagnosed him with Parkinson's.  This provided us with some hope because medications can help this condition.  However, medications did not help and his condition worsened.  He continued to have dizzy spells resulting from extreme drops in blood pressure. 

Ken was taken to the emergency room on March 20, as he was not able to stand or walk and he was getting progressively weaker.  It was after this visit that Ken was admitted into a skilled nursing facilty.  During his first few days at Arbor Hills, he showed some small signs of improvement physically, but began showing an increase in periods of confusion.  He then became very sick with pneumonia and dehydration, so he was admitted into Grossmont Hospital for a 6 day stay.  A feeding tube was inserted into his belly because he was no longer able to swallow well enough to receive proper nutrition. 

Ken returned to Arbor Hills on April 1.  Although the doctors cannot confirm this, there is talk about him having a condition called Shy Drager, which is similar to Parkinson's, but it is more aggressive.  One of the ways they can diagnose this condition is to try the patient on medication for Parkinson's and if the medication doesn't work, then there is a strong indication that the person has Shy Drager.  To date, Ken has not responded much to the medictions being tried. 

Ken sleeps a great deal now but he enjoys having visitors.  He lights up a little when parishioners and friends come to see him.   At times, Ken can be very difficult to understand.  Part of his condition is that he cannot project his voice very loud and his speech is not always clear.  For some reason, Ken is much better in the mornings than in the afternoons or evenings. 

Although the nursing facility where he is at is very good, it is still not where he wants to be.  It is our hope that his condition will improve so that he can come home, but the last few weeks have been very discouraging.  We are trying to keep hope and we cherish all of you who have provided Ken and his family with support over the last few weeks.  Keep your prayers going and feel free to visit him when you can.   You can also write him messages in the guestbook section of this website.  His family sees him daily and would be glad to pass on the messages to him. 

We will try to keep you updated on at least a weekly basis in the journal section of this website. 

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The funeral service for Ken will be on Saturday May 9, at 10:30 a.m. It will be held at Saint Alban's Church, 490 Farragut Cirlce, El Cajon, CA 92020.  His family will be hosting a reception to celebrate his life at his daughter Liz Castagnera's house, immediately following the service.  Directions will be provided at the funeral service, or you can call Liz at (619) 449-3352.