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  • Written Jan 21, 2010 12:58pm

    Good Afternoon to you all!  I am not sure how many people will continue to check this site, but I thought that it would be the easiest way for me to communicate for the time being.

    I wanted to say THANK YOU!!!!!!!  to everyone who made Monday such a beautiful and special day for Ken, Kee and their families!  I truly believe that Ken would have appreciated every moment and that his spirit was crying and laughing next to each of us.   I also know he would have been honored by the number of people present, as it showed just how broadly his spirit reached!

    I have made many a new friend through the trying months and hope that each of you will keep in touch. 

    Kee is doing well and, while grieving, she is managing to keep herself occupied and managing the "business" with extreme organization and grace.  She (even more than myself) feels an enormous debt to the love, comfort, support and kindness that so many have shown in the last years, months, weeks and days!

    I hope that each of you are finding moments of comfort despite our terrible loss. 

    My best wishes and eternal thanks are with you all!

    Much Love,
  • Written Jan 13, 2010 4:10pm

    Good Evening,
    We will be holding a memorial service for Ken on Monday January 18th (yes, this Monday) at 1pm in the Paul Green Theatre.  You can find the Paul Green in the Center for Dramatic Art on the campus of UNC:

    250 Country Club Road
    Chapel Hill, NC  27599

    There are no street numbers listed on University buildings, but you should be able to find us if you google map/mapquest/gps that address.

    I hope that you will join us in celebrating the life of a man that has made this world a better place to live!  There are many of you that I have not had the opportunity to meet and I hope that this will be our chance. 

    Kee has asked that in lieu of flowers donations be made in Ken's name to the Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center.  For further information you can visit their online donation site:  http://www.cancer.duke.edu/btc/modules/waystohelp10/index.php?id=2

    If you would like more information on how to help Kee in a more personal manner, you should contact me directly.  There are a number of you who have done just that and I have not responded, so sorry!  Please bear with me over the next couple of days and I promise to get to everyone, thanks for your gracious patience!

    Many Thanks,
  • Written Jan 12, 2010 3:44pm

    Dearest Friends,
    It is my sad duty to inform each of you that Ken passed away this afternoon at 2:20pm.  He was very much at peace and had his Kee, his mother, his brother and Kee's brother in the room with him. 

    His very last moment was a brilliant Ken Strong smile and a quiet breath.  While we are all very sad, you could not ask for a better moment.

    I will post more later this evening or in the morning to let you all know details of the service, where to send cards, etc...

    I wish you all the greatest comfort during this incredibly sad period.  My thoughts are with each of you and I am so appreciative for all that everyone has done to support the Strongs!

    Best Wishes and Much Love,
    Heidi Reklis

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