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My Story

Hi, My name is Kenneth "Kenny" Richard . I have been diagnois with Adenocarcinoma, or prostate cancer on May 11th, 2012. It is something you never want to hear.  We think we are prepared to hear " you have CANCER". When you hear the words, the mind races, the heart beats fast, and the first thought is "I am going to die".  Once the shock of the whole thing finally sinks in your soul.

You start a fight with full intentions on WINNING!!


My advice to you " Listen to the music"



Oct 11, 2012 9:49pm

I am sorry it has been so long since I came on here. Things have been hectic and I surely hate to think I still have cancer. My wife lost her job in the middle of my treatment and she carried the insurance. Financially things are tight, I had to take out a cobra plan for 700 a month just for me. GOD has been there for me and i will beat this cancer...

Since I last came on here I have done my treatment, somewhere I think in my soul I would hear that I didnt have cancer anymore. that has not seem to happen. Every where I turn around I see someone with cancer. There is a young man I know Trent Fontenot, he is only 16 and is fighting for his life at St Jude. I recently heard the news was not well. My wife asked me if I was ok, and did this scare me? I said no I wish it was me, I have lived my life he is ONLY16. I cried for him.

I have noticed the last few weeks I have not been feeling well. I am very tired all the time and still keep going. I have been throwing up again alot and bone tired. I have some of the same symptoms I had when I first got sick. I have went back to ER since my last visit. They know me on a first name bases there. I dont see my oncologist til next month.

please continue to pray for me and help anyone who has cancer. Don't for a minute " stop listening to the music"

My wife asked me today " please don't leave me" I said I am not in control of this my GOD is...he has a plan...she said not for you to leave me.....GOD will get us threw this..

Kiss someone you love!!


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