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Kennedy’s Story

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On April 6th, Kennedy was taken to the ER for significant swelling and pain in her right thigh.  This was the height of some generally annoying pain she had been feeling off and on for a few weeks that had made her develop quite a limp at times.  No one would have ever thought that a week later, following multiple tests, scans and a biopsy that she would be diagnosed as having Ewing's Sarcoma. (Upon final review of pathology this diagnosis was changed to Osteosarcoma on April 22nd)  Thankfully all tests indicated that it is localized to the right femur.  At the time of the biopsy the tumor was estimated to be 26 cm, located 5 in above her knee.  Again, a blessing that her joints, knee and hip, are unaffected. 

Surgery to remove the tumor is necessary, however it must be shrunk.  So, this means Kennedy will begin a chemo treatment regimen for three months prior to surgery to reduce the size of the tumor.  The surgery will entail removal of the affected bone and tumor, with reconstruction using a donor bone and/or rod combination.  This will all be more clear as time goes by.  After surgery she will again have to take another three to four months of chemo. 

Kennedy is truly a one of a kind kid.  She is no doubt apprehensive about what to expect, but has accepted this entire situation with a grace that is amazing!  I have always said there are blessings in every situation and already I have witnessed so many in the past two weeks--I can only imagine what this young lady has in store for us all!  God is good, and we will continue to "Praise him in this storm."