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Pain management

After battling severe pain all weekend and under the advisement of hospice and Dr. Gratias, Kennedy was transported to TC Thompson this afternoon.  She was finally admitted and into a room about two hours ago and they are beginning to get her comfortable.  Thankfully the ER nurse was able to beautifully access her port on the first try!  They are starting to deliver pain meds via a pump, and she will also get blood and fluids.  We all pray that this gives her some relief and that she can rest.  We really will not know much more until Dr. Gratias makes his rounds tomorrow.  She may be in the hospital for days, or be discharged quickly once the meds are adjusted with the pump, etc.  It was bittersweet to see all of the familiar faces of the fabulous nursing staff of 3rd floor oncology, but comforting that Kennedy knows she can relax and trust those ladies...enough to be keeping them on their toes already, double checking their techniques and making her needs very well known--not the passive patient at all!  And seeing that spunk gave me comfort too, our Warrior is still fighting!!! 

 Thank you all for your prayers and concern.  Nothing can prepare you to walk this road, but in all things there is a greater purpose...