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Kennedy arrived safely home this past Friday afternoon.  She handled the trip well and was glad to be back comfortably resting at home.  She went to clinic at TC Thompson yesterday for counts.  This process was exhausting for her so Dr. Gratias has offered to do house calls if necessary, but the vast majority of her care will be handled by hospice from this point forward.  Her platelets have rebounded some since she was in TX, but her red blood is very low as a result of her limited ability to move oxygen through her blood.  Dr. Gratias wanted to give her blood yesterday, but Kennedy refused.  Her counts will continue to be monitored and blood may still be given in the weeks to come.  So far her pain remains manageable with the adjusted oral narcotics and methadone.  It has been decided that nerve blocks will not be performed as they are so painful.  The next step to pain management would be meds delivered through her port (pain pump). 

This family continues to be overwhelmingly blessed by this community and the multitudes praying.  I pray you all take the time to appreciate the JOY of this season, not just the "stuff", and truly embrace those you love.  This life is so tenuous and fleeting, but abounds with hope in every moment... Thank you for your devotion to Kennedy and her family.